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We’ve decided to announce the events that we’re taking part in this year – charitable events and team building exercises, all in the mix – as a form of commitment. We’re putting it out there so we can’t back out, basically – especially on the ones that require a degree of bravery !

Starting right there, we have six courageous individuals who have volunteered to take on a skydive in April – all in the name of team building. We won’t name names, or ramp up the pressure any further, but it’s fair to say that everyone concerned is daunted and excited in equal measure.

And then there’s the running When we run, we run a lot (!!!) and for that we need a reason. Saracen’s named charity is Naomi House & Jacksplace. Hospices, based in Winchester, for children and young adults, they do outstanding work, providing a huge support for those with serious medical conditions, who are unlikely to live to adulthood, and their families, and we are proud to support them.

So this year’s running goals, to-date, are as follows: Reading Half Marathon, Southampton Half Marathon, Gauntlet Games, Tough Mudder and the Great South Run. We may add to this list as the year progresses but, for now, this is it. Details of Just Giving references and other ways to donate will follow but, for the time being, it’s pages blocked out in diaries and the start of training for some as the first run takes place on the 19th March.

There’s an element of team building to the running too as people come together to compare notes, swop tips and, sometimes, train together. All  who take part have a real sense of purpose followed by the rush of the achievement after the event.

When it comes to charitable initiatives, it’s not all about adrenalin and fitness. Although a high number of the events we organize focus on getting out and being active together, we also try to schedule in some quizzes and bake offs to ensure that everyone has the chance to participate in an activity, encompassing all abilities and interests.

As a business, and as widely reported, we’ve started off this year really well. We’re incredibly busy and are winning projects over a much wider geographic spread than in previous years.

Given that, it’s even more important to come together as a team and so all of these events serve us, as well as our chosen charity, very well. As the year progresses, we’ll let you know how we do and we’ll be flagging up ways you can support us. Every donation counts !

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