Conventional Work in a Very Unconventional Place

Weird workspaces are all the rage at the moment, or at least that seems to be the case with the rise of unconventional workplaces, not all of which are those of technology companies, though they do represent more than a few.

The TREExOFFICE in Hoxton Square is good example of an unconventional workplace, one which is a combination of a tree and an office, as you may have deduced from the name. Something of an ‘urban-treehouse-office', the structure is built on stilts and looks like it's been wrapped around a tree, and in many ways it has.

Featuring eight workstations complete with power points and Wi-Fi, it's available to hire as individual workstations, though interested parties also have the option of booking the treehouse in its entirety as a meeting space.

"It's good for the environment and also succeeds at making workers feel closer to nature", says Kathryn Timmins, the architect who designed the urban treehouse. "It is made of compressed paper with see-through plastic and translucent polycarbonate", she explained when asked about the materials used and their environmentally-friendly properties.

Says Wieteke Teppema, a regular who works as a wine merchant, "It's like a desk in a park, a very nice way to work," and explains that she uses the treehouse as a base when she isn't visiting clients, finds it to be an inspiring place to work, and even holds wine tastings there.

And she isn't the only one who finds it inspiring either, as a local entrepreneur, Darren Groucutt, views it as a tool that inspires others with its "wow-factor". "Our clients wouldn't have dreamed of having a meeting in a treehouse," he says.

Unfortunately the treehouse lacks a toilet, though there is an informal agreement with a café nearby. Better order a latte after using the loo!


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