Fun Work Spaces Can Help Keep Employees Content

A cool and fun work space has been ranked number two in the ten factors that lead to career contentment.

Employment site carried out a wide survey of workers about career contentment, and found there were ten factors that kept employees happy. After an easy daily commute, the next biggest factor in their contentment was a fun work space, followed by having a good work/life balance.

Many employers are now looking at ways to attract the top talent by offering unique and exciting workplaces, and there's a lot of inspiration to be found amongst UK startups who have customised their workplaces to make employees happier.

At the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, a stylish group of offices, there's an indoor climbing wall for employees to let off steam. Mind Candy, a maker of games for smartphones and tablets, has a wooden tree house and plastic gingerbread house as meeting rooms to create a whimsical environment.

Of course, not every workplace will want to go for something as creative and wacky as these examples, and there are simpler things you can do for your employees. This could include spaces for games, having office pets, or creating a chill out zone for people to relax.

With so much of your employee's contentment resting on your work place, it seems a wise investment for any employer to spruce up their office, making it a more practical space for employees to work.

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