In praise of commercial property agents

For those who think they can do without the services of a decent commercial property agent, think again.

Commercial property agents provide many specialist services. Failing to engage with these experts is indeed a risky business especially when your business operation and the happiness of your staff rest on the location of your workspace environment.

The scope of services on offer by this profession is testament to the highly skilled nature of the work it carries out: building surveying and due diligence reporting, valuation and advisory services, managing compliance with local ordinances, lease negotiations, destination identification, sales consultation and negotiations, sustainability advice and investment strategy and market insight… Each service is critical and can't be done by an amateur, particularly when so much is riding on a successful outcome.

A good commercial property agent is aware of all the properties that might be relevant to you in their area and is able to identify a match in line with your requirements. They understand the land values and factors such as what the local community might have to offer - this knowledge is, in itself, invaluable when it comes to the decision-making process.

You may think you know an area and have the contacts necessary to give you the information to make an informed decision without retaining the services of an expert but these experts will always know more than you. They have the experience to carry out the relevant due diligence on all available properties and to negotiate on your behalf using their knowledge.

Ultimately, the workplace environment is of fundamental importance to the success of your business. Any money saved by overlooking the services of a commercial agent is a short-term saving and will cost you in the medium to long-term - if and when your office premises don't tick the right boxes, you're faced with a disgruntled team and, worst case scenario, you have to make plans to move again.

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