Innovative new office to be built in Boeing 737 airliner

Truly exciting office design involves thinking beyond the standard use of space and a Staffordshire-based design agency has done just that, by planning to build its new studio in a stripped-out Boeing 737 aeroplane, the Birmingham Post reports.

GMP Design works on bar, club and leisure design and was looking into the possibility of installing a jet plane into an Essex nightclub when owner, Neil Morten, came up with the idea of using one as an office space instead.

Showing the adaptability of the space, the company plans to use it as a studio and design school by day and an exclusive watering hole by night. At weekends, the venue will be available for private hire.

"I would like it to be a high-profile place. We thought when it wasn't being used as an office it could be a great function room by night," Morten explained. "We are going to put a bar in there and we know lots of top chefs that would want to come and cook there."

There is also the possibility of sponsorship to help fund the initiative, as sponsors are expected to vie for the chance to stamp their logo on the outside of the jet.

The plane will, of course, need to stripped-out first, before being split into three pieces in order to be transported to its new home in Staffordshire. Exactly where it will reside has not yet been confirmed, as they are still looking for the right spot. Morten is currently looking for a plot in the Rugeley and Lichfield area.


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