Is The Open Plan Office Trend Over?

The popularity of open plan offices, which became common during the 20th century, could soon start to wane, with many studies showing it's not necessarily the most productive way to work.

Prestigious journal Ergonomics published a study that shows sharing open spaces can mean higher sickness levels, with the number of sick days increasing with the number of employees that work in an office.

Many studies have been published on the productivity levels of open plan working, with a study from Virginia State University and the North Carolina State University concluding that they can be linked to decreased motivation and productivity, with other people's conversations becoming a distraction.

A major problem that is often found with open plan offices is the noise levels, and those who are trying to multitask will often find it the most difficult to ignore noise.

These findings have meant that many designers are looking at new ways to allow people the space and privacy they need to work. With the average space per worker down from 225 square feet in 2010, to 176 square feet today, this means making clever use of space. This means there will be more demand for good interior design companies such as Saracen Interiors, making the most of the space.Saracen Interiors can make the most of the available space creating a layout that can be functional and meet the privacy needs of each individual.

Some options that companies have been considering include the use of pod-like spaces, which take up little room, yet give employees space to go and do jobs that require a lot of focus, as well as having collaborative spaces for group projects.

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