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A good workplace environment can make all the difference to the people working in it. In fact, studies show that the right office atmosphere can boost productivity by up to 50%. When every detail of a commercial property is carefully considered, it can be inspiring and motivating for the staff working within it. A well-designed interior can be reflective of the company's objectives and values. However, it's not just the employees you need to think about - when clients visit your office, first impressions are everything…

The décor and overall furnishings of an office reflect how your clients perceive your business, so it certainly pays to invest in an office interior specialist that can advise exactly how this perfect first impression can be created. They will talk you through many important elements of modern office design - from natural lighting and ventilation to corporate identity and functionality.

In terms of furniture, contemporary designs today are not only sleek and streamlined, they are also easier to maintain as well as being durable. Modern furniture can totally transform a tired, dull room into a lively, more welcoming space. Simple designs are often lightweight, meaning they can easily be moved plus glass and metal and other creative materials will give your office a chic and stylish feel creating a good impression to any business prospect or visitor. Try to create a uniform and consistent design for the entire office, from design-led pieces to eclectic furniture that incorporates a pop of colour or an unusual pattern - the options are endless.

Comfort and practicality are also important when it comes to office interior design - not only for the workforce, but also to visitors. As well as comfortable seating, you also need to make sure the heating and air conditioning is at the right level and there is a good amount of natural lighting. Use light colours and avoid obstructing windows, as getting the lighting right should be at the top of your agenda - there's nothing worse than a dull and gloomy office and it's bound to have an oppressive effect on the mood of those who enter it.

In terms of first impressions, pay particular attention to your reception area. Consider investing in a 'big impact' front desk - not only is it the place your visitors will immediately head to, it's also the focal point of the reception area. From stand-out colours and company branding to sweeping curves and even lighting, you can go for a design that really encapsulates your business. When you are looking at the various possibilities, consider taking advantage of the bespoke options you will be presented with from an interior design specialist like Saracen Interiors.


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