Saracen embraces BIM

Saracen is pleased to be embracing the multi-dimensional tool, Building Information Modelling (BIM), which involves generating a visual model of a building at the design stage, throughout the construction phase and during its working life.

Traditional methods used in our industry use technology in isolation whereas the BIM process uses technology in collaboration.

The amount of detail included when creating a BIM model means our designers and clients can work together to design a space which allows our clients to visualise what they will be paying for. This is beneficial to the project due to the multiple layouts that can be efficiently designed allowing for a much swifter fit out process as BIM links the entire project team.

The visualisation aspect is the most beneficial aspect of BIM as our clients will be able to see a 3-dimensional space and easily amend designs to suit their new workspace.

Our newly appointed Senior Project Consultant, Gemma Lennon, is part of the Cabinet Office BIM4SME steering group which is supporting SME's in the industry. Further details can be found at plus Gemma can be seen discussing BIM in further detail -

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