Saracen Small Works Forecasts 100% Increase in Turnover

Saracen Small Works is expecting a doubling of its turnover in the next 12 months following a successful first year of operation which saw the fledgling division take approximately 12 per cent of the company’s overall turnover.

Launched by Saracen Interiors to oversee smaller projects, the division has enjoyed great success with popular services including smaller design and build projects, alterations to existing space, re-decoration, modifications to power and data, general upgrading and updating, relocation of staff, furniture and work stations and the sourcing and supplying of new furniture.

Saracen Small Works was founded in February 2013 alongside Saracen Facilities and Saracen Move Management. Since then it’s customer database has grown organically through the business of existing Saracen clients and a series of recommendations. Current customers include two London investment companies and a leading marine design consultancy in Southampton, as well as a string of long-standing relationships with clients including Paragon Housing Community and YUM Restaurants.

Joint managing director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page comments: “Small Works has been an immediate success because we had an established customer base for this division made up of companies who we have worked with in the past who are appreciative of the same level of service and professionalism for their smaller projects, including alterations and modifications and general upgrading, redecorating and updating, as for the bigger jobs. Word quickly got out and we have been repositioned as the ‘go to guys’ for those looking for fast and effective solutions to meet their minor property requirements.

“We’re happy to be perceived as a design and build specialist who takes the low cost jobs as seriously as the high value contracts. We have a dedicated team of experts who are experienced at the job in-hand and recognise how these jobs fit into the bigger picture. We have had early success because we are working under the Saracen brand which gives our customers a large degree of reassurance – they know that we won’t compromise on quality and customer service. Regardless of the scale of the project, we always give 100 per cent.”

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