Tune your desk for maximum workspace comfort

Leading occupational therapist, Dr David Rempel, has identified a few simple adjustments that can be made to workstations for maximum comfort. This is in response to the increasing number of office workers who suffer from aches in the upper back and neck regions, the two most common forms of physical discomfort that are known to be associated with the modern workplace.

The adjustments Dr Rempel suggests are simple and will likely make perfect sense to anyone who has experienced these discomforts that although common, can lead to more serious health issues, including headaches and migraines, as well as posture related problems.

These small changes can make a significant difference to worker comfort levels and are very easy to implement, for instance, making sure that your mouse is close enough to you - beside the keyboard he suggests - so as to minimise reaching.

Additionally, your computer monitor should not be too far away from you, says the Professor of Occupational Medicine and Bioengineering at the University of California.

"Everyone should be getting up from their computer at least once every day and walking around for a few minutes. Many people are now using sit and stand workstations so they sit part of the day and stand part of the day when they are using a computer."

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