Commercial Office Moving Company

Commercial Office Moving Company

Moving a commercial office is no easy task, as there are so many factors to consider. It can be a logistical nightmare. Apart from planning your office move well in advance to ensure all staff are prepared for the move, you would also need to carefully select the right office moving company, one that has the experience and resources necessary to guarantee a smooth transitional move.

Give yourself enough time to discover the perfect new office that satisfies all your working requirements – but also be sure to give yourself a realistic deadline or it could go on forever! At Saracen, we will work closely with you to achieve all the above goals and more. 

Our Saracen Commercial Move Management team has years of experience in assisting clients with their office relocation, meticulously planning every detail to ensure a smooth transition and little disruption to employee's and their vital work environment.

Action Plan Prior To Office Move

As a brand, we put your business first, and we make sure we deliver the best service to you – on time, every time. From experience, many companies fail to do their office move planning to the desired level, leading to disruption and workplace chaos as a result. No business wants these issues affecting both morale and workflow.

Whether you are a small, local business or a national country spanning the entirety of the UK – our office moving service has got you covered. From a simple move involving one desk, to an employee base in the thousands, the industry-leading squad of professionals at Saracen Interiors have the skills and know-how to guarantee a seamless office move.

An office move doesn’t just happen overnight. As such, our thorough and comprehensive service comes with a detailed plan, incorporating step-by-step targets, goals and requirements. Saracen Interiors provide a structured and secure office moving practice for commercial moves around the United Kingdom. Contact Us Today!

Planning Ahead

  • Office furniture inventory
  • Book an office moving company 10 to 14 days ahead
  • Inform all companies you work with
  • Plan the office space (who will be where and when?)
  • Make new keys ready for those who might need them
  • Book a cleaning company
  • Schedule a security meeting 
  • Book the IT company 1 month before
  • Carefully label all belongings, furniture etc.

Contact us today, let us take the hassle out of your office relocation.

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