A hankering for green

A hankering for green

Urban greening… anyone? It seems to be a bit of a talking point at the moment…

Construction news website, Building Talk is currently debating how urban greening will become vital to the future health of our cities in a recently published article* and the greening of the urban environment seems to be high on the agenda for developers, who are looking at space in our cities for commercial, residential and retail purposes.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society’s website, ‘greening’ means growing plants, wherever possible, in towns and cities. It’s about providing a range of benefits to the inhabitants of our town and city centres, and those who work and visit the commercial buildings and retail outlets in these areas by proxy, by providing more green space and foliage to improve the immediate environment.

With gardens and green spaces playing a pivotal part in many a town plan, architects, planners and designers are currently considering the greener focal points when working on the creation of urban neighbourhoods. They’re recognizing the need for these spaces for the greater good of all – not to mention the crucial role they’ll play when it comes to the all-important issue of attracting tenants. The cynics among you will note that, as always, the colour green is never that far away from a ticked box.

The benefits of greening these urban areas are fairly easy to identify: Regularly cited plus points include improved air quality and air cooling, along with a positive impact on the well-being of town and city dwellers and workers who may otherwise go for significant lengths of time without the opportunity to sit in, or look out on, a green space.

Of course, at Saracen, our immediate concern is what’s going on indoors. As specialists in office interiors, our main focus, when it comes to this topic, is the concentration of planting within offices and the possible introduction of initiatives such as green walls (also known as living walls or vertical gardens).

These decorative walls, that include a form of living greenery, are an innovative and striking way to literally introduce new life into an office space. They provide a focal point and, as the many studies which support the soothing and healing properties of the presence of plant life in the working environment will attest to, they can make people feel better just by looking at them. (Not forgetting that they also provide cleaner air as they remove some of the bad stuff from the atmosphere and oxygenate the air).

It’s always a good idea to start with what’s going on within and the inside of a building is something we can control far more easily than the outside and its surrounds.

So, consider whether there is room for a little ‘greening’ in your workspace and what you can do about it and, if you want to consult with the experts, you know where we are…


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