Adding Green Elements To Your Office Fit Out

Adding Green Elements To Your Office Fit Out

Every company wants to show off their green credentials nowadays, and from recycling to saving water, there's a lot you your business can do to help the environment. If you're planning an office fit out to improve your workspace, then this is a good time to add some green elements to your building, which can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also make it a more pleasant place to work. Here are just a few things you can do to make your office greener.

Have LED lighting installed

Using up to 90% less power than standard bulbs, LED lighting is a great way to cut down on your energy bills. They offer many advantages in work environments such as:

  • Lasting longer – fewer bulb changes make life easier
  • Bright and modern look that suits office environments
  • Improved safety – LED lighting generates barely any heat making them safer
  • Easier to replace – LED is poised to replace traditional bulbs, so it'll be easier to replace them in future

Therefore, it's worth looking at installing LED lighting during your next office fit out, as it can save you money in the long run and looks great.

Make the most of natural light

Adding windows to your workplace lets in more natural light, which means you don't have to use artificial lights as much. Not only does this cut down on your electricity bills, it can improve morale, and makes the office feel so much more bright and cheerful.

Add plants to the office

Plants add a splash of colour to any office space, and can really cheer up any drab spaces. They can be added to your reception area, on individual desks, or in your break rooms to make the office look more vibrant. Plants also have the advantage of helping to improve air quality, and studies have shown that they reduce stress.

Use technology to save energy

While your office is being re-designed, you can look at adding technology that will help you save energy. Consider cutting down on the amount of printers you have, and make the most of tablet and mobile technology to go paperless. You can even add controls to your lighting and heat so they can be controlled by an app, meaning you can ensure they're switched off when the office is closed.

Whether you're trying to cut your energy bills, or want to sell yourself as an environmentally friendly company, there are lots of advantages to building a greener workplace. If you're planning an office fit out, then this can be a good place to start, as you can ensure you have everything built to the most energy efficient standards. You can then get your staff to help reach your green goals, from cutting down on printing to looking after the office plants, they will be the key to a greener workplace, and you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more energy efficient office.

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