Architecture Students Transform London’s Kings Cross Garden

Architecture Students Transform London’s Kings Cross Garden

London's Kings Cross has come a long way over the years from its humble, and rather industrial, origins as an area of notoriously dirty factories and yards, and has since become quite the fashionable area to work and reside.

Nevertheless, certain areas, like Kings Cross Garden, missed out on the many gentrification and redevelopment processes that transformed other parts of the area.

Until now, that is, as a team of London architecture students have since come up with a remarkable way of transforming the former construction site into an attractive and engaging public space that has proven immensely fashionable and popular.

The project, which is a collaboration between the Bartlett School of Architecture and the educational charity Global Generation, a charity which works to provide young people with opportunities to create a sustainable future, uses a variety of reclaimed materials, like railway sleepers and sash windows for example, to create structures like greenhouses, a chicken coop, and even a moveable vegetable garden built in skips so that it could be moved about when needed.

"When people think of skips they think of construction, building and dirt. We didn't," says the co-founder of Global Generation, Jane Riddiford, "We wanted to create a space that was both innovative, but served as a learning resource to the community."

Most of the new additions that the students have designed and constructed had to go through planning before they were built, usually by groups of volunteers who wanted to get involved in the extensive regeneration process.

Representatives from the Bartlett School of Architecture had plenty of positive words to say about the project. "Full-scale making exposes students to real world challenges," says Julia King, "Building your own structure and then inhabiting it engages you with your work in a very visceral manner." We wholeheartedly agree.

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