Budgeting for a Corporate Relocation

Budgeting for a Corporate Relocation

Relocating your business, whether to another building in the same development or to a completely different part of the country, can be a very expensive undertaking. To make sure that you do not spend more than you can afford, you need to put together a detailed budget covering every aspect of your move. The biggest cost will probably be the office interior fit out for your new premises but there are other substantial costs that need to be considered too.

The Costs Involved in a Commercial Move

There may be some costs that are particular to your situation, in which case you must remember to add them to the list below. This list covers all the main areas that need to be considered.

Preparing Your New Workspace

If you are moving to empty premises, you will almost certainly need to hire a competent office fit-out firm to design and build an interior before your staff can occupy the new workspace. The total cost will of course depend on the scope of work but will most likely include the following:

  • Project Management - The easiest way to cope with a move is to hand over all responsibility for preparing the new premises to the office fit out company that you use. In this way, you and your staff can focus exclusively on moving out of the existing workspace.
  • ICT Infrastructure - Most modern businesses cannot operate without a fully functioning internet and telecommunications infrastructure so you will definitely need to budget for this in your move. Premier office fit out companies in London such as Saracen can handle all the details on your behalf or you can hire a third party contractor.
  • HVAC - If the building you are moving into is currently little more than an empty shell, you will need to include the cost of installing hearing and air-conditioning systems in your overall budget. Again, interior fit out companies can handle this for you or you can use a specialist sub-contractor.
  • Lighting and Electrical Circuits - As essential as fully functioning ICT infrastructure, be sure to calculate the cost of rewiring your new premises and installing lighting if necessary.
  • Delivery of Building Materials - This will almost always be included in the quotations you receive from commercial fit out companies but it is a cost that you need to consider nonetheless.

Transporting Furnishings and Equipment

Any equipment and furniture that you propose to use in your new premises will need to be transported safely from your current location.

Stationery and Website Updates

To ensure that existing and potential customers know where to find you, it will be necessary to update your corporate stationery and website with your new address.


There are many costs to consider when relocating your business but by using competent office fit out contractors, you can keep a close eye on most of them. Don’t forget there may also be hidden costs, such as early termination fees if you are currently occupying rented space.

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