Creating the best working environment possible

Creating the best working environment possible

Many businesses in locations across the country are still looking at the bottom line when it comes to selecting an office space and less worried about design, facilities and layout. However, while these companies might be able to save a little money on the front end, they will probably suffer from choosing inferior workspaces over the long term. After all, one of a company's greatest assets is its employees and good office design has been linked to employee happiness.

Happy employees tend to be more productive and stay in their jobs for longer. As such, a company that pays the extra costs for a great workspace in the beginning will probably benefit from a highly productive workforce and low turnover rates. Furthermore, a well-designed office space with amenities that are particularly aimed at improving the overall experience of workers will be more attractive to potential recruits, allowing companies to catch the attention of the talent they want much more effectively.

It makes sense then for companies to try to create the best working spaces for their employees that they can. However, accomplishing this task may take more than a simple office refurbishment. Furthermore, just copying the office design of another company may not have a good outcome, because truly excellent workspaces make the best use of an individual floor plan to provide flexible and versatile environments that foster creativity, workflow and collaboration amongst the employees of a particular company. As such, it's easy to see why many companies hire professionals such as Saracen Interiors to design their office interiors.

While every workspace needs to be designed on an individual basis to get the best results, there are some simple things that companies can do to improve their offices, which seem to work well across the board.

For instance, in general, people tend to work better in environments with more natural lighting. Therefore, even if a company can't spare the extra cash to knock down walls, put in more windows or add a skylight, it should try to at least make sure employee work areas are positioned near sources of natural light and that windows are cleaned on a regular basis. More sunlight will help keep employees from getting headaches and eye fatigue. In addition, it will have a calming effect throughout the entire office.

Also, studies have also shown that plants help to improve productivity and focus. Furthermore, they help employees stay healthy by filtering the air and are so affordable that even companies with quite limited budgets can afford them.

Simply rearranging desks and taking down office or cubicle walls can give workers a lot more room to move around and create a liberating, more open environment. Furthermore, being able to see other workers will encourage employees to communicate with each other, increasing collaboration - one key to effective problem solving. With mobile technology, employees should easily be able to work anywhere in an office - there is no reason for anyone to remain at one desk all day long.

Mobile technology also reduces the need for wires. With clutter being a big detriment to productivity, this is great news. Once employees have been freed from their cubicles, companies should focus on keeping clutter out of their offices by providing proper storage facilities, encouraging clean desks, hiding any remaining wires and making sure there are enough waste bins distributed throughout the premises.

Creating many different zones within an office where employees can work at their leisure is a great idea. After all, different tasks require different spaces. An office with private rooms where one or two employees can type up a report in seclusion and large communal tables where teams can work on a group project provides many advantages. In such an office, employees can work naturally in spaces that are suited to the task at hand. In addition, an office that encourages employees to move around will also help to boost employee interaction.

Work shouldn't be all work. If employees have no place or time to relax during the day, they will burn out easily. To combat this problem, companies should make sure their offices contain breakout areas that actually encourage play. A drab room with a few tables and a coffee machine won't accomplish this task. Instead TVs, video game systems, snooker tables and the like can be used to raise employee morale and add some fun to the working week. Employees that get the chance to play during the day will be more creative, less fatigued and form better relationships with others in the office.

An office can also be easily improved with the right colours. Every employee might have their own favourite colour, but certain colours will influence them all in the same way. Studies have shown that blue engages the mind, yellow boosts the creative process, red impacts the body and green has a calming effect. Furthermore, the specific saturation and intensity of a specific colour will also have an effect on workers. Therefore, different colours should be implemented throughout the office to bring about the desired results across your workforce.

Companies can also improve their offices by purchasing high quality office furniture. Buying less expensive furniture may seem like a smart move at first. However, once employees start to complain about lower back pain and the furniture starts to break, it will be apparent that purchasing better, more expensive items would have been smarter.

Of course, only a few simple techniques to improve an office have been discussed. However, a few changes could go a long way. Furthermore, if even more is needed, there are many commercial office refurbishment companies within the UK that can create detailed plans for any space. With the many benefits that come with having an amazing office, hiring professional help, such as Saracen Interiors, is probably worth the cost.

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