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Creative Spaces…

There are many fantastic examples of creative office design at its most imaginative to garner inspiration from, with many of these examples not the usual cases, i.e. tech giants like Facebook and Google, but smaller, often creatively focused agencies, such as advertising, design and IT firms, many of which are startups and recently established companies.

Nevertheless, if a company is to deliver for its employees a creative workspace that is not only flexible and meets the creative and functional needs of individual workers, but also incorporates their brand and personality into the workspace, interior design teams really need to take the time to get to know the company and evaluate their unique requirements.

The days of one person, one desk are over

Mobile technology is rendering static workstations obsolete, which is great news for companies that experience space issues – which most companies that operate in cities like London do. When companies do away with static workstations they free up so much space that can be used in a much more creative and imaginative fashion. And they also maximise their workspace in a much more cost-effective manner, which is an obvious factor that has to be taken into account.

Employees are able to work much more freely when the layout of the office is more relaxed, plus they’re empowered to work not from a single static designated space, but from wherever best suits their current task, whether that’s proofreading a press release in a quiet den away from the buzz of the main area, or right in the heart of it, brainstorming ideas with the team. Consider:

  • Extended kitchen areas which provide a space for collaborations and brainstorming
  • A quiet space, like a peaceful den, which can be used for tasks requiring concentration
  • Mobile furniture that can be easily moved about the workspace to suit the current task

Creating a workspace that enables employees to work from areas that best suit their tasks also requires interior designers to take the time to get know their clients and get a real feeling and understanding for how they operate. And also find out what makes them get out of bed in the morning and do what they do, which is precisely what we did when we worked with creative agency, Creature of London, on their office refurbishment project in Shoreditch.

Incorporating personality and brand in office design

When interior designers take the time to get to know their clients they’re also better able to help them express their unique personality and brand through the design of their workspace.

Many companies don’t venture any further than using their company colours and logo when designing or refurbishing their office space, while others use the opportunity to work with a design expert to express their company’s personality and showcase their brand through their place of work. This is a great way to reinforce the company’s specific, and often remarkably individual, set of values by establishing a visual language throughout the workspace. It also:

  • Bestows upon employees a sense of identity and helps them connect with the company
  • Empowers the company to express its individual characteristics through its workspace
  • Promotes employee engagement and enhances workplace creativity and production

It’s important to understand that companies, especially creative companies, are now so much more than business entities and that they are actually much closer to lifestyles in many regards. What’s more, creative and talented individuals, generally speaking, tend to favour lifestyle rewards over fiscal rewards when looking for meaningful employment, which means that a company’s investment in its workspace is also an astute investment in its workforce.

This isn’t to say that companies shouldn’t offer competitive salaries, but it is crucially important to understand that the workplace is a part of an employee’s salary package in many regards. Additionally, employees want their company’s values to reflect their own, so when the company expresses its values through the workspace by setting a visual language, a connection is established between employer and employee, so aim for a connection which creates a bond.   

More than a place to sit

Just as office furniture is so much more than a place to sit, so too is there so much more to office furniture than ergonomic design, important though it may be (and it is). Depending on what management has in mind, bespoke furniture is actually a lot more reasonable than many are aware, plus when bespoke furniture, like seating booths which sit flush against walls, helps to maximise space in the office, part of the financial outlay is absorbed as a result.

Creative companies that want to express their brand colours through their office space and build a stronger brand are presented the opportunity to do so here, though naturally consideration should be given to the colours and how suitable they will prove in the workplace.

Adding vibrantly coloured furniture can enhance the mood and matches well with natural-style surroundings, like wooden floors or wood-lined walls, as well as light or dark themed workspaces. When paired well and with thought given to factors such as natural light, floor space, and the distance between floor and ceiling, it’s amazing the effect that can be achieved. Furniture:

  • Can add an extra decorative flourish and further flashes of colour to the workspace
  • Can be bespoke designed and used to maximise floor space throughout the office
  • Can be as simple as scatter cushions or as high-tech in design as ergonomic furniture

Furniture that is non-static, i.e. can be moved about with ease, enables employees to move about the office to suit the task at hand and channel their inner urban planner to create zones for collaboration and teamwork, and zones for privacy and concentration. Nevertheless, if static workstations are what is desired, there’s absolutely no reason why the decision makers can’t get creative.

Saracen Interiors has completed a variety of office fitouts and refurbishment projects for creative companies across London, always ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget, and that staff members experience minimal disruptions to their working day.



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