Designing Office Interiors that Inspire Employees

Designing Office Interiors that Inspire Employees

Designing Office Interiors that Inspire Employees

It’s easy for business owners to overlook the importance of office design – particularly in relation to how it affects morale, productivity and creativity on behalf of their staff. While our team can help you create stunning office interior design that turns heads, wows clients and makes your employees proud to be part of the team, there are still a few extra steps that you can take to make the space stand-out even more.

With that in mind, here are three critical London interior design tips that every employer should keep in mind:

Create a liveable space

The eight-hour work day was designed with the rule of thirds in mind. Each day was divided into three eight-hour periods:

  1. Eight hours of sleep
  2. Eight hours of work
  3. Eight hours of leisure

In that light, we spend half of our waking hours at work. Unfortunately, many interior office designs are not created with living in mind. Fluorescent lights, sterile colours and drab design motifs would be all but unthinkable in a space built for living. And yet many of us end up spending eight hours a day or more in spaces just like this.

Interior office design that feels liveable (i.e. one that encourages employees to be themselves) will cultivate creativity, innovation and higher morale. Start with little things: encourage employees to decorate their desks with personal and family photos; place a genuinely comfortable sofa in the break room; and bring some nature into the workplace. The latter could be natural light, a few potted plants or even a ‘bring your pet to work’ policy. More on this in the next point.

Keep it natural

In many ways, nature knows best when it comes to office design in London. To begin with, natural light can work wonders for the workplace. In one study, researchers found that customers were prone to spend more time shopping in stores with plenty of natural light. In another, workplace performance improved in spaces with more windows.

But there are other ways to make interior office design feel more natural. Yet another study found that one of the easiest ways that a person can augment their own productivity at work is by setting a potted plant on their desk. It’s a simple but elegant way to offset the doldrums of working in an office with fluorescent lights and few windows. 

Be colour-conscious

Colour is also extremely important in the office. Everyone has their own favourite colours, but it turns out that certain hues inspire greater productivity more or less universally. Interior designers in London are well aware of this.

Of course, choosing the right colour scheme for your office is something better left to the professionals. This is an area in which interior design companies in London can advise you. A team with years’ worth of experience on the job will be up on all the latest research and findings.

Along those lines, it’s wise to speak with your office interior designers about your brand’s colours and visual identity. Armed with that information, they’ll be able to create an interior design motif that suits your brand and inspires creativity, innovation and higher productivity at the same time.


If you’d like to learn more about how you can harness commercial office design to make your workplace even more productive, feel free to contact us. We’ll show you how easy it can be to transform your workspace.


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