Finding a new business property with a commercial agent in London

Finding a new business property with a commercial agent in London

Even though the economic climate may be improving, it's still very important for business owners to cut costs and save money while still retaining the same level of quality. When it comes to finding the best commercial property in London, tackling this task on your own can be fairly risky especially with the wide range of offices now available. Without the right industry knowledge, you may make a mistake and lose money fairly easily.

With an experienced agent by your side though, you should be able to find a suitable work setting for your staff that is a solid investment while avoiding or reducing the fees and charges normally associated with real estate purchases in the UK. How can you find one of these experts though? This guide will help you locate London's best property agents so you can then secure the commercial space of your dreams:-

Use a Local Firm with Specialist Knowledge
Since each property market is different, it is always recommended to choose an agent who specialises in the local area. If you wish to find the perfect office in London, this means you should seek out an expert who has plenty of experience with corporate spaces in this vast capital city.

This local knowledge can be put to good use in a number of ways. First, they will know which markets are projected to increase in value over the next few years, helping you find an investment that is more likely to pay off. The best experts will also know of new opportunities as they emerge, keeping you up-to-date with local London property news and assisting you with finding the best spaces available.

Look for Experience and a Good Reputation
In order to gain the best chance of finding the perfect setting for your business, you will need some assistance from a commercial agent who has plenty of expertise in the real estate industry. They will also need to have a positive reputation delivering tailored solutions to their clients.

The good news is that it is easy to find both of these qualities when searching for a property specialist in London. In fact, you can get a good idea of how experienced they are in the first consultation especially if you look out for the following:-

- How they tailor their services to your needs
- What their general fee structuring is like
- If they cover all important property details

Their reputation can be uncovered by word of mouth or by browsing different sites and seeing if you can find any online reviews. Do your research and you can find a trustworthy, knowledgeable property specialist with ease.

Discuss Fees but Stay Away from the Cheapest
When it comes to the rates charged, remember that there is a lot of variation among London's commercial agents. This means you will need to discuss your future real estate needs with a number of specialists and see which ones offer you everything you require while fitting in with your budget.

Remember that price isn't everything though. While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest agent, you get what you pay for. These budget "experts" might be lacking in knowledge, qualifications or experience and may thus offer sub-optimal results. Instead, look for someone who is truly reliable. Their services will be well worth the higher rate you might have to pay.

Connect with an Extensive Network of Agents
Since London's property market is so extensive, it's extremely difficult for one person to remain on top of it all. For this reason, we recommend looking for a commercial agent who is part of a wider network. These professionals will be able to tap into this web of real estate specialists and find a city office which really suits your needs. They will also act as a single point of contact so that you save time and effort. Instead of sitting down to consult with a number of agents, you can work through the one individual and find your perfect corporate setting in a stress-free manner. This level of efficiency is vital for the busy London business owner.

Ask about Additional Real Estate Services
Some agents will also offer a number of other extras in addition to simply finding you a decent office. If possible, find a specialist who can assist with commercial fit outs as this will help tailor the interiors and exteriors of your new workplace as well as locating you in a prime position. You'll also gain the following benefits:-

- A fully branded interior design
- Optimised IT and telecom platforms
- HVAC, electrical and lighting systems
- Comfortable settings for employees

Take care of your staff and boost your corporate potential by fitting out your new workspace before moving in. Some commercial agents offer this service in addition to their property consultations so you can find London's best offices and then modify them to suit your business' particular needs.

Gaining Good Advice about Suitable Workspaces
If you find an agent with all of these characteristics, you can then find the assistance you need to secure a workplace that is well-located, spacious enough and affordable. The top experts will remove a lot of the complications and hassle from sorting through the London property market. These specialists help business owners save money and time while giving them a better chance of finding the perfect commercial space for their company whether they are relocating to another workplace or starting a brand new business.

Despite London being the competitive corporate market we know it to be, it isn't that difficult to find the ideal office space as long as you have an experienced commercial agent by your side. By focusing on all the above qualities, you will be able to locate a specialist who knows the UK real estate industry inside and out. These professionals can supply some expert advice on how to secure an office that meets your needs perfectly and will thus give your company some solid foundations from which to grow in the future.

At Saracen, we work with some of the most successful national and London commercial estate agents and can liaise with these experts on your behalf.

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