Implementing Flexible Design Maximises Space and Minimises Costs

Implementing Flexible Design Maximises Space and Minimises Costs

With experts overwhelmingly pointing to recent trends such as greater workplace collaboration and the need for private enclaves – two somewhat opposing trends – as the design trends of the immediate future, the ability to provide employees with greater flexibility in the workplace is something for all managers to think about.

Office fit out specialists like Saracen Interiors have been implementing a wide variety of flexible office designs for our clients, with greater emphasis placed on a rethinking of technology and how it’s used in the workplace, functional touchdown spaces, and activity based planning, what many leading interior design experts and office fit out companies in London believe to be a huge step forward in office design innovation.

Along with enhancing functionality and increasing employee productivity, one of the driving forces behind the changes to the way management views the workplace is cost reduction. The concept of flexible space was first capitalised upon by hoteliers, but perceptive managers in many companies have been quick to take note of the flexibility technology enables. And the space and fiscal savings this flexibility offers.

Rethinking Technology

This doesn’t entail brainstorming new technologies, but rather understanding that new technologies like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have made the traditional office layout – where everyone was connected by wiring, hence the workstation – obsolete.

With the flexibility to move freely and unimpeded in the workplace comes the ability to unshackle employees from traditional workstations. Accordingly, savvy managers are looking for ways to implement a more flexible design with their next office fit out.

Functional Touchdown Spaces

A touchdown space is an informal work area, one that all employees can use when they need a space to focus on their work. Essentially, a touchdown space is the opposite of a communal or collaborative space. When designing your office interior fit out, remember that touchdown spaces need to be:

  • Fully functional and 100% technology enabled
  • Blocked off or separated from communal areas
  • Highly flexible with relocatable office furniture

Businesses with a ‘no door’ policy should rethink that policy with regard to this space because every workplace, no matter how open and collaborative, must have at least touchdown space where their employees can put their heads down and concentrate.

Activity Based Planning

Planning the office layout based on employees’ regular activities has been seen as key to a successful office design that leads to notable space and fiscal savings. By taking into account the daily activities of their employees, management is able to maximise floor space, which enables more employees to occupy the same space.

Naturally, employees have less ‘personal’ space, but because they benefit in a myriad of other ways – greater flexibility, enhanced communication, etc. – and they no longer need their ‘own’ space as much as they once did, most are delighted with the results of commercial office fit outs that implement a more flexible office design.

If you’re planning to implement a more flexible office design, work with leading office fit out contractors like Saracen Interiors to maximise flexibility and minimise costs.

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