Incorporating Technology Into Your Office Space

Incorporating Technology Into Your Office Space

Incorporating Technology Into Your Office Space

Technology is a big part of any business, and it's important to keep up with the rest of your sector so that your company can remain competitive. Therefore, giving your staff the right technology so that they can do their job properly is essential, and when it comes to remodelling your office, it's important to make the space technology friendly. Here are some ways that you can incorporate technology into your office design, and how this could help your company.

Install VOIP

VOIP systems are replacing traditional phones in many offices. They allow you to make calls over broadband, which makes it easy to add or remove phone lines, means people can use the same number in multiple locations, and offers features such as conference calls that are really useful in any business. If you're planning an office fit out, then consider having VOIP installed, as it could save you a lot of money on landline calls.

Use tablets to get organised

Around half of the adults in the UK now own a tablet, and they're not just great for playing games and watching videos. There are lots of ways that tablets can help you get organised and move to an almost paperless office. Some of the things you could use tablets for in the office could include:

  • Booking meeting or conference rooms
  • Signing visitors in and out
  • Presenting ideas during meetings
  • Mounting them to the walls to make an interactive noticeboard

Luckily, tablets are made to be easy to use, and most people won't need extra training in order to use them.

Add booths for meetings or relaxing

Booths are great for creating space where people can collaborate, and if you have a lot of freelancers working at your company, they're also a useful hot desking solution for when you need more space. Consider adding booths that have power outlets fitted with integrated USB slots. This will allow people to work on their laptops or tablets, let staff charge devices during their break, and also creates the perfect spot for informal meetings.

Many offices still use wired internet, and this has many disadvantages over WiFi. It essentially keeps people chained to their desk, and if visitors come in with their laptops, it can be fiddly to set up. Consider having WiFi installed so that people can move around more freely, as this will help them to collaborate. Having WiFi gives you more choices about your office layout, and makes it easy to add more desks without the hassle of getting them connected.

Technology is now such a big part of our day to day lives, that we often don't even notice it, but new technology has the potential to change the way we work. When you're considering an office fit out, there's a lot you can do to make your office more tech friendly, from simple things like providing more sockets, to using wireless technology when possible. Implementing even a few of the aforementioned ideas can improve both individual productivity and overall office efficiency.

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