Keeping it Social

Keeping it Social

Keeping it Social

Cultivating an engaged and motivated workforce is an art form in itself, and a lot of this has to do with how your office space is designed and laid out. As many leading employers are realising, there’s much to be said for encouraging socialisation in the workplace. Indeed, employees who have fun at work are often more productive. That leaves managers and administrators with the question: What can you do to make the workplace more fun and engaging?

One way to encourage employees to have more fun at work is to incorporate a recreational space into the office. We’ve written in the past about how fun work spaces can keep employees content. In this post, we’re going to look more specifically at what you can do to set up social spaces at work that are good for employee morale.

How to Create a Fun Space for Socialising at Work

These days, employers are more open than ever to trying to transform offices into fun spaces where employees can enjoy relaxing and socialising. In many ways, this movement has been spearheaded by newly flourishing tech companies. Suddenly, new and improved office space began to feature fun amenities – everything from slides to bowling alleys to games rooms, all built right into the workspace.

Now, your office may not go as far as the tech giant, Google, and create a built-in music room where employees can jam whilst on break. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create fun spaces that add an element of recreation to work. Here are three tips for making this happen:

  1. Create a homely atmosphere.

    These days, it’s more common than ever for employers to strive to create a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere at work. Considering the fact that most employees spend around one-third of their waking life at work, it makes sense to strive for something homier. Comfortable seating in break rooms, softer lighting and artwork on the walls can help accomplish this. Saracen’s Small Works division can assist.
  2. Embrace downtime.

    You’ve heard the adage about ‘all work and no play’. While it may seem counter-productive, giving your employees space to cut loose, have fun and socialise can actually boost productivity by fostering stronger morale. This could mean building a games room, installing a big screen in the break room for gaming or watching TV or even setting up a bar area for after-work drinks. 
  3. Make use of the space you have.

    It’s not always enough to simply design space where you think your employees could enjoy relaxing and socialising. You may have to intentionally plan activities that make use of these spaces in order to make them feel lived-in and accessible. Plan a few game nights, social hours and even team-building exercises in these spaces to make this happen.


If you would like assistance in creating a more fun work environment where your employees will want to spend time and socialise, Saracen Interiors is here to assist. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you design and layout a fun and engaging work environment.  



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