Location Location Location - Office Fit Out Costs

Location Location Location - Office Fit Out Costs

Location Location Location - Office Fit Out Costs

When you are attempting to estimate the cost of an office fit-out in the UK, there are so many variables that need to be taken into account. The logistics of running a project can vary greatly depending on a number of factors.

In this post, we’re going to shed some light into what those factors are and how they can affect the overall cost of your fit-out.

The Logistics of an Office Fit-Out in London Are Complex

The single greatest determiner of how much your office fit-out or office refurbishment project will cost is your office’s location. If it’s in London, there are many complex logistical factors at play – many of which can drive up your quotation. We’ll look at a few of those variables below:

  • Access: This is one of the most important considerations in choosing an office location to begin with. Ideally, you want your office to be easy for clients and employees to access. But this also affects your fit-out. The harder it is to access your office, the more difficult it will be to make logistical arrangements, such as the delivery of materials and supplies. 
  • Parking: More an extension of accessibility than anything, your parking situation will also affect the expense of your fit-out. The easier and more affordable it is to park, the lower the total cost of your fit-out. 
  • Office Position: Where is your office located within the building? If it’s on the ground floor, then the delivery of materials and supplies will be easier and faster, thereby reducing the overall time needed to complete your fit-out.
  • Traffic: What are the traffic conditions around your office location? The more gridlock that your fit-out team has to deal with, the longer it is going to take to finish the job. This can affect your quotation accordingly.
  • Waste Disposal: Waste-disposal facilities vary from one office location to the next. If it’s in a location where a skip can be easily arranged over the course of the fit-out, then the cost is likely to be lower. If more complicated waste-disposal arrangements are required, greater expenses are likely to be incurred. 
  • Machinery: Every fit-out job is different. Some require the use of more sophisticated tools and machinery, and this will of course lead to a higher quotation.

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With so many variables in place, it’s not easy to determine how much a complete office fit-out is going to cost. However, our extensive experience in fitting out offices across London and the UK means that we’re able to provide our clients with a reliable quotation.

Given our extensive portfolio of successful office fit-outs, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to quickly ascertain what your project is going to cost. We’ll take everything into account – from the technical requirements to the location of your office – to provide you with an accurate quote. Contact the team at Saracen Interiors today to learn more. 

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