Looking forward to 2017!

Looking forward to 2017!

Looking forward to 2017!

With an increase of almost 30 per cent on our forward order book, compared to this same time last year, and with almost five million pounds worth of orders coming in during the last few weeks of 2016 alone, Saracen’s prospects have never looked so good at the start of any single year.

The last 12 months provided us with an unnerving year, thanks largely to the result of the Brexit poll, however we still managed a climb in our turnover of 10 per cent, while maintaining a high quota of repeat business as clients continued to include us in their tender processes for the big, significant projects.

Although some client companies exercised caution, post-Brexit, and scaled down plans for larger projects, we benefitted from a consistently vigorous pipeline of activity and the broadening of our database, thanks to key sales appointments and the expansion of our business throughout the North and the North West of England.

Now, with a plethora of contracts scheduled to start in 2017, from new as well as established clients, we’re comfortably on track to demonstrate further growth in the coming year. Our strategy to expand in the North has been timely and has served us well and we look forward to some key announcements regarding work in Yorkshire and Scotland in the coming months.

During 2016, some of our more memorable wins and contract completions were for existing clients like Yum ! and WYG. Others included smaller, more quirky, projects for companies, including digital agency and student finance expert, Grip Media and vehicle registration search and technical data supplier, Carweb. We continued to embrace projects of all sizes with the support of our dynamic Small Works division and its expert team, who pride themselves on a truly flexible and creative approach when it comes to the smaller, fast-track projects.

We also stood out again last year, garnering the attention of our peers, having been shortlisted for two more awards for our work for global network services provider, Tata Communications and for what is an outstanding facilities management division, Saracen Facilities.

Saracen Facilities had a great year in 2016! and it now has a strong market presence, enjoying a steady stream of recommends for its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

And, of course, there is Saracen Move Management. This division complements our other services perfectly and means that clients can turn to us for a complete turnkey solution. We’ve been delighted to find that more and more clients are now keen to use the services that this division offers and we’ve been happy to tailor each office move package to fit.

The Brexit path is still a rocky one and businesses need to be reassured, now more than ever, that they are partnered with the right people when they move forward with significant projects. Our aim for 2017, which should keep us on the path of carefully managed, strategic growth, is to continue to do what we always do – listen to our clients and address their individual needs.


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