Major Office Design Trends for 2016

Major Office Design Trends for 2016

Major Office Design Trends for 2016

The way that we design and lay out our workspaces is constantly evolving, and it seems that new trends surface and subside nearly every year. Some of these are little more than aesthetic fads seemingly pushed aside almost as quickly as they were embraced. But others have more staying power.

Sometimes, office design trends power on for several years before suddenly deflating. The trend towards increasingly open floor plans is a good example of this. Floor plans around the world were opening up in the early 2000s, with everyone seemingly convinced that this was the way forward. However, by 2014, a new consensus was taking hold – namely that a few walls may be good for the office. Headlines to the tune of ‘Google Got it Wrong’ and ‘The Open Office Trap’ followed.

We only highlight this to make a couple of points regarding new trends in office design:

  • The fact that it’s a trend doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than the previous way of doing things.
  • One person’s productive floor plan could be another's another person’s ‘office trap’.

At the end of the day, your company’s design and layout will be (at least partially) a matter of preference. Ultimately, it should be a reflection of your company and workforce’s culture.

3 Office Trends to Watch this Year

With that massive disclaimer out of the way, let’s move on to some emerging office design trends that you could potentially incorporate into your workspace if you’re planning to carry out office refurbishment in London this year:

Let the outdoors in.

We’ve written before about benefits bringing plants and more natural light into the workplace – namely heightened creativity and increased productivity. The trend toward bringing more elements of the outdoors into offices continues to gain momentum, and it’s unlikely to subside any time soon.

Create more flexible workspaces.

Permanent layouts are much less popular today than they were even a few years ago. Today’s business operators are more inclined to commission multipurpose spaces that are more flexible – even adaptable. Being able to change or even re-think your floor plan as the company develops is attractive, and it’s leading to more modular office design. 

Hide all of those wires.

The modern office employee comes to work with mobile telephones, maybe an e-reader or tablet to use on their lunch break, perhaps their own personal laptop and other devices that will inevitably need to be charged during the workday. Add to this all of the standard appliances that are plugged in at the average office, and it’s safe to say that we have more plugs, adapters and wires than we know what to do with. In response to this, manufacturers are designing desks and other office furniture that creatively bundle, hide and otherwise reroute these wires. 

If you’d like to talk at length about how to design your new office space or refurbish an existing one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll help guide you to the best-possible solution for your situation.

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