Making time for breakfast

Making time for breakfast

If a breakfast can set you up for the day, then a business breakfast, in good spirit and with the right people at the table, can go much further. The benefits can be reaped days, weeks and months later when the event itself has become a distant memory but the people you meet are still on your radar to be contacted as and when…

Last week's Wakefield Business Conference (hosted by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce during Wakefield Business Week) was such an event. The conference took place at the newly refurbished Unity Works in the City Centre and was attended by representatives from a wide range of sectors, presenting a lively and varied networking opportunity for the members of our team who attended.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build up the right contacts and to push against doors until they open - events like this help to ease the process and every so often a golden nugget is mined in the form of a chance to pitch for new business.

Wakefield is big on inward investment at the moment and the Council is keen to drive business in the area. With such enthusiastic support, it's hard not to come away with confidence in what can be achieved.

We've worked hard in recent years to shift our status from a regional to a national concern. Our clients gave us the initial impetus by seeking us out to take on projects at various locations outside of our normal geographical reach. Our task is now to build on that by networking in the areas in which we have a presence and building sound business relationships as a result.

Attending these events is always good when trying to establish a profile regionally and they have certainly helped us to become more visible. They also help to demonstrate a commitment to an area and are vital to long-term growth.

With a better recognition and understanding of other sectors and the challenges they face, we can also take a more holistic approach to addressing the needs of potential customers while building an active support network that is advantageous for all.

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