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Moving to a new location is a stressful time for any company and often has the effect of proving a major distraction, one that detracts from the day-to-day running of the business. The way in which a company relocates to their new place of business speaks volumes about their organisation and the way it is managed, including their company culture, as well as the way that their employees are seen in the eyes of management. This can therefore impact heavily upon employee attitudes. It is worth using move management companies such as Saracen to help ensure this process is as simple as possible and does not cause a huge disruption to your business.

Before deciding to relocate to a new workplace, management must first weigh the benefits of the move, along with the consequences, compare them, and then decide if the relocation is in its best interests, as well as those of its employees. This is crucially important, and not something that management can afford to overlook. After all, whilst relocating to a new location may seemingly be in order and in the best interests of the company, the interests of its employees are just as important, and must also be taken into account and considered.

Relocating at the right time can have the effect of making a company more efficient and productive, help to boost employee morale, support the organisation's growth initiatives and objectives, and empower them to develop strategies that would likely have proven unfeasible in their current place of work. But it can also result in problems that could have been avoided by staying put for the time being, or carrying on with the move, but relocating in a more efficient, better planned manner.

As leading London office moving specialists, Saracen Interiors understands the importance of office moving best practices and is able to provide your company with professional move management services for your approaching relocation. The following best practice points will prove useful in helping you relocate to your new place of business with minimal fuss and bother.

A relocation plan is crucial to a successful move

It all starts with a great plan. Creating a relocation plan well before you make the move to your new office space is essential to a successful office relocation. As Saracen or any moving expert will let you know, relocating is a process, one that can be broken down into several phases to make them more manageable, easier to coordinate, and then mapped onto a timeline to help you understand what needs to happen next and when. There are some excellent relocation timelines which can be accessed online.

Assuming that you haven't yet started to search for a new place of business to move to, the following timeline mapped with the four essential phases should prove food for thought.

Relocation Timeline: Site selection phase - Planning and preparation phase - Site development phase - Moving in phase

Site selection

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of relocating and have decided to make the big move, you can now start the search for a new place of business to relocate to. Starting with identifying site options, you then need to develop evaluation criteria for the new office space, review the sites you have selected against that criteria, short list the best candidates, pick the best site, ensure it meets all the requirements you have identified, and then enter into lease negotiations.

Planning and preparation

This is the phase where your team starts working with interior designers and fit out companies such as Saracen to design office concepts and develop floor plan configurations. Infrastructure, most notably IT infrastructure for the majority of firms these days, must also be designed and planned. This phase represents an excellent opportunity to evaluate your business equipment, replacing or upgrading old or outdated equipment, and looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity throughout the workplace, conceivably consolidating services where possible.

Starting with the design of the site, IT infrastructure planning should be addressed next, followed by floor plan configurations, equipment evaluations, and then design reviews.

Site development

This is the phase where the new office space really starts to take shape. The new office naturally resembles a work site under construction, though there are still many things to take care of behind the scenes, like deciding upon colour schemes, furniture and lighting options, and having new signage designed and produced to brand your new place of business.

Construction will account for most of the time spent on this phase, after which IT infrastructure must be installed, the office painted and new signage fitted, the entire site cleaned, and then furniture configured and fitted.

Moving in

The final phase has arrived at last. Once the IT infrastructure and utility services like water and electricity have been tested, it's time to start moving out of the old office and into your new workspace. Before you start physically relocating, this is the time to schedule a meeting with your workforce and clearly communicate to them the logistics of the relocation. Don't overlook just how important this crucial meeting is.

The installation of new equipment (and cabling if required) should be carried out first, and then subsequently tested to ensure that all systems are go, followed by the packing and moving of everything else left in the office. Including your employees!

Starting the relocation process, i.e. with selection of the site as the first phase, as early as you possibly can is highly advantageous. The timeline detailed above is usually spread out over the course of twelve months for most large firms, however, depending on the complexity and scale of the relocation that you have in mind, you could feasibly get away with six. At the bare minimum.

These move management best practices will help you to plan and coordinate your impending office relocation by breaking down the moving process into four distinct and easily manageable phases. Nevertheless, enlisting the expertise and skills of an experienced move management service provider like Saracen Interiors will prove a vital strategic advantage and assist your company, and of course your employees, no end in enjoying a successful, stress-free transition to your new place of business.



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