Move Office or New Office

Move Office or New Office

There will come a time for most businesses where you feel that undeniable need to move on to pastures new. Maybe the atmosphere in your current workspace is getting a little stagnant. Perhaps, as your business has evolved, you’ve outgrown your office that was perfectly suitable not so long ago. A lot of organisations may even get to this point more than once.

Depending on your needs there are two solutions to this feeling of stagnation: up sticks and move completely to somewhere better suited, or, work with the space you already have and go down the path of office refurbishment. There are pros and cons to both options. Whilst an office relocation may help to get you a bigger space, or better location, the complete upheaval of your workforce can be disruptive and problematic and isn’t always necessary.

In this blog we will be outlining the pros and cons of moving office and of refurbishing your current one. Hopefully, giving you the tools necessary to make the best decision for your business.

Moving office


  • Fresh office - Fresh work ethic. Changing up the routine of your workforce by moving office can give your employees a boost of enthusiasm and energy. Simply by giving people a different commute and work space can help increase productivity.
  • Attract new staff. By changing location you can open up a whole realm of potential new staff for your business.
  • More suitable size. If your office is too big or too small for the needs of your business then moving to a completely new office might be the only option for you.
  • Different costs. If you’re worried about the rent/ utilities/ fees of your current office then moving will give you the chance to shop around for better alternatives.


  • High costs initially. The costs of physically moving coupled with legal fees, migration costs etc will leave you with a pretty hefty bill.
  • Moving offices if a faff. There’s no two ways about it. Moving to a new office will probably be disruptive and inconvenient.
  • Repairs to your previous office can be costly.

Refurbishing your current office


  • Less disruption. Refurbishing your old office rather than going for a new one completely can potentially be less disruptive. Even if the refurbishment takes some of your company’s time, the associated issues like internet installment, phones being moved across and utilities being changed will not be an issue.
  • None of the costs of moving. You’ll be able to save yourself the migration costs of moving to a new office.
  • Reusing space cleverly. An office refurbishment will provide you with an opportunity to reconfigure your existing space. If you have a larger office this may free up additional space that could be used for potential sub-letting.


  • Refurbishments can be disruptive. If your staff need to work around the refurbishment then issues like noise and dust during working hours could become a problem.
  • Unforeseen costs. Depending on the extent of the refurbishment of your office there could be unexpected costs of major reconfigurations.

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