Office Fit Out Ideas for Small Workplaces

Office Fit Out Ideas for Small Workplaces

Office Fit Out Ideas for Small Workplaces

Many business organisations choose to manage their office fit outs in-house and take care of all the arrangements themselves. However, with leading London office fit out companies like Saracen Interiors providing a complete design, supply and installation service – our experienced office fit out contractors can manage every aspect of your project from conception through to completion and deliver it on time and within your specified budget – why not leave it in their capable hands?

Whilst commercial fit out companies can manage every aspect of your office fit out, that isn’t to say you should take a backseat approach to your project. After all, it’s your organisation that will pay for the fit out and work there, and it’s your clients who’ll visit your office, so it stands to reason that you should also be involved in the process of fitting out your office.

If you’re looking at working with an office fit out company to transform your current workplace and it’s not as expansive as you’d like it to be, the following small office fit out ideas will help you to optimise your office space and achieve more with less.

Light over Dark

Light, neutral colours work best for small offices, so avoid dark, warm colours which have a tendency to make interior spaces feel cosy but cramped. Light colours give the impression of greater space, so identify suitable light colours for your office walls.

Multipurpose Furniture

When space is in short supply, office furniture that’s big, bulky or serves limited purposes is a strict no-no. Instead, focus your attention on multipurpose furniture that will help you to save space or simple items of furniture that can be moved easily around a flexible open plan office layout. Static furniture is out, mobile furniture is in.

Avoid Clutter

Right from the outset of your office interior fit out, make a point of avoiding clutter in any form. A commercial office fit out is an excellent opportunity to rid your office of all the things you no longer need, but you must also ensure that you aren’t adding things to your new office that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Leading interior fit out companies like Saracen are adept at designing offices that maximise every square inch of office space. However, you also need to play a role in avoiding clutter and that entails not bringing in anything that isn’t 100% necessary.

Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Natural light is a must in any workplace, but you can also use lighting to create the illusion of space in a small office. A good way to achieve this is to use lighting at three levels – eye, floor and table level – to limit shadows, since shadows give the impression of closed in and cramped spaces.

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