Office Interior Design Trends 2015

Office Interior Design Trends 2015

Although the year is drawing to a close, office interior design trends for 2015 are still relevant and will continue to be relevant in 2016. Many wonder what the new year will bring, though many leading interior designers in London predict that we'll see a continuation of this year's office trends again next year.

In case you missed last year's predictions for this year, 2015, here are some of the office design trends that were predicted to make an impact in a big way. Just how accurate were they, and do you expect to see them again next year in 2016?

Collaboration and Freedom of Movement to Enhance Communication

Communication was a key term for office design this year and we can expect it will still be quite the buzzword again next year. In order to enhance communication and improve collaborative efforts in the workplace, decentralisation that aids flexibility must take place.

Greater freedom of movement has been encouraged through the creation of more collaborative meeting spaces to be used for multiple purposes, with these spaces increasingly seen by management and employees alike as being of greater importance than traditional desk and workstation arrangements.

Savvy commercial interior designers in London have been quick to point out that these spaces need to be enhanced for functionality with features such as moveable desks and benches, flexible open plan layouts and writable walls. Saracen Interiors office design and fit out for Tata Communications office design and fit out encompasses this modern trend in office design.

Colour Palettes and Office Aesthetics - Organic and Natural Tones

Colour schemes play a much larger role in interior office design than many are aware of, even those who spend most of their time in an office. A trend we saw back in 2014 with office interior design in London, one which is expected to continue into next year, is that of the increased use of organic and natural tones in the workplace.

That colour affects productivity in the workplace is well known, with colours like blue (calming and stable), green (calming and efficiency boosting) and yellow (creative and optimistic) among the most notable colours used by office designers in London.

Whilst these colours may not suit your commercial office design requirements with regard to your branding objectives, it can't be denied that they deliver excellent benefits in the workplace. As do most organic and natural tones which empower businesses to use bold features, like artwork, furniture and lighting features, to create an individual look that defines their organisation.

The Relationship between Office Design and Efficiency in the Workplace

Office design and efficiency don't always go hand in hand. In fact, more often than not it would appear as though they have irreconcilable differences that just can't be resolved. Whatever fuelled the demand for more efficient workspaces, office interior designs are now increasingly defined by the need for greater efficiency in the workplace.

As leading office interior designers in London, Saracen Interiors will work with you to help you understand what great corporate office interior design entails. Together, we'll set the bar fittingly high for next year's contemporary office design trends.

Saracen Interiors  designed and delivered a full fit out for global network provider, Tata Communications at its new showcase address, Vintners Place, on the north bank of the Thames, reflecting its client's vision of a mobile, flexible working environment that encourages collaboration.

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