Office location – why being in the right area matters

Office location – why being in the right area matters

The phrase "location, location, location" is an all-too familiar one, but we normally associate it with homes rather than offices. However, a great office location can really contribute to the success of a business, so choosing where you set up camp should be a very carefully considered decision. But why exactly does location matter so much?

First impressions are crucial if your business is accommodating clients - or potential clients - on-site. Some businesses may never see a customer set foot in the door, whereas firms such as accountants, public relations or marketing are likely to have clients visiting their premises regularly. If this is where you will be conducting business and (hopefully) closing deals on a daily basis, you need to look at your office's location and interior through the clients' eyes. Your office is a visible representation of your business's success, so a good address will go a long way.

In order to find the ideal location for your office, it is important to ascertain who your clients are and where they are located. Although we now live in the Internet Age which means companies are contactable 24/7, you should never underestimate the power of a visible presence within your target demographic.

This is where convenience comes in, and you need to think about this from both a client and employee viewpoint. Is your office easily-accessible via public transport? Are you close to any major motorways? If your office is based in a city centre, transport links are vital as people will often prefer not to drive; you should therefore ensure your office is close to a tube station or bus link. You should also make sure there are shops nearby so your employees have somewhere to go for lunch - after all, it is important to keep staff happy, too!

You may also want to think about tax implications. Although central locations in London will have higher business rates than somewhere in the countryside, the potential traffic and solid reputation that you will gain from a desirable location could be worth the extra money.

Before you choose a particular location, you should research the wider community. For example, will your new premises be surrounded by boarded-up, empty buildings? Does the area pose any additional security risks? If your office seems cheap for where it is, there is usually a good reason for it. It can be tricky to balance affordability with practicality, but doing your homework and not rushing into anything will certainly help.

Finally, you can have the most prestigious address in the world, but if a client walks in only to find a shabby, run-down office space, they are likely to turn on their heel. Saracen is one of the UK's premier specialists in commercial refurbishments, creating exceptional workspaces for offices across the country. Contact us today if you'd like assistance in finding a new business property.

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