Optimising The Creative Design Process

Optimising The Creative Design Process

Designing a new office design is about much more than exercising creative flair and coming up with new and innovative ways to solve age-old workspace issues. As experienced interior designers in London, we have discovered that it is about working with end users to ensure that the whole process is focused on meeting their precise needs, both now and in the future. The best way to do this is to use a consultative approach that includes the customer in the decision making process at every stage. This is very important.

The Key Stages of Interior Design for Offices

The process of designing a new workspace can be broken down into five distinct stages:

  1. Initial Consultation - The first stage should involve a detailed consultation, during which the customer has the opportunity to put forward their own design ideas and to discuss the practicalities of the various different ways in which their existing and future workspace needs could be met. This stage also gives both parties the opportunity to get to know each other and to iron out potential communication issues. At Saracen Interiors we take this consultation very seriously to build a relationship with our clients to ensure we can design the best space for their needs as a business.
  2. Survey - In order to assess the current and future requirements of customers with any degree of accuracy, a thorough survey of the existing workspace is a vital component of any effective office interior design During this stage, the opinions of individual end users may be solicited if desired.
  3. Design - This is when all the facts gathered during the previous two stages are incorporated into a new concept for a workspace that meets each and every requirement of the client. Perhaps the most important part of this stage is not the initial interior office design but the subsequent consultations with the client as it is refined to a point where it is perfect for their needs. It is crucial to reach this point during the design stage as any changes that are made now will be much easier and cheaper to accommodate than if they were to be attempted once the building work is underway.
  4. Build - Some firms do not consider the actual building of a new workspace interior as being an integral part of the commercial office design process but in reality it is the most important stage of all. Only those plans that are carried out have any meaning; a design that is not put into action is nothing more than an interesting theory.
  5. Occupation - Once the new workspace has been completed and all the finishing has been carried out to the satisfaction of the client, it is time for the design to face its most critical challenge: functioning as a real world workplace. Only when this challenge has been successfully negotiated can a designer consider his or her work to be done.

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