Saracen's 5 tips for inspiration in the workplace

Saracen's 5 tips for inspiration in the workplace

The physical space that is your workplace is of paramount importance when it comes to inspiring your employees. OK, we're not suggesting you necessarily follow in the steps of Google and have a slide installed instead of stairs, but you should make a real effort to create a welcoming and inspiring office. We all know that inspiration equals productivity, and productivity equals increased revenue; so it is certainly worthwhile to think carefully about factors such as colours, light, space and configuration. Here are some office design tips to really get those creative juices flowing.

Get the temperature right
It's something you may not have considered, but the temperature of an office can really affect how comfortable your staff are; and if they're not comfortable, they're unlikely to feel at their most creative. Studies have revealed that workers are at their most productive when their offices are between 21.7 and 25 degrees, and when temperatures fall below 20 degrees, productivity levels dramatically decrease. Monitor the temperature of your office to give your employees optimum working conditions.

Keep it light
Feeling inspired doesn't come easily when you haven't seen any sunlight all day. By creating a light, bright atmosphere, you will encourage creativity. Light flooring and walls, as well as furniture and blinds, can make a real difference - as can sympathetic and natural lighting systems. Anyone who's ever worked in an office with strip lighting will tell you how depressing - not to mention migraine-inducing - it can be.

Creating culture
More and more businesses are taking a collaborative approach to business; gone are the days of the cubical-style office space where you had a blank space to do your 9-5 job, before heading home for the day. Businesses are looking to create unique offices that help create a feeling of brand identity in the workplace. An office should reflect a business' culture, adding to its personality - this will help create positive thinking and strengthen the bond between the employee and the company, giving them a space where they feel they belong.

Open plan
Partition walls and cubicles are being torn down as businesses find they are simply not conducive to creative thinking. Open plan offices with plenty of natural light and contemporary furnishings are the way forward - they also make efficient use of space, are easy to reconfigure and they knock down all barriers to communication.

Variety of spaces
Even if you decide to go for an open plan layout, you should ideally have a mix of spaces within the workplace; it is always more stimulating and will cater to various personalities - some people will feel more inspired in different areas of the office. From brainstorming areas to welcoming meeting rooms, try to add a bit of variety for inspiration.

Here at Saracen, we guarantee to design a better workspace aimed at inspiration and imagination. From natural lighting to corporate identity, we promise to take care of every detail. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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