Saracen's practical tips to brighten up the office

Saracen's practical tips to brighten up the office

If a full-scale refurbishment is off the agenda, there are plenty of little ways to breathe life into a stale office environment that are speedy, easy and not at all costly. Here are some quick tips to brighten up the office and put a smile on the faces of the team:-

A lick of paint - The ideal approach to refreshing your immediate surroundings as it appears like a much bigger job but can be achieved with a mere white wash. Painting tired walls can have a great impact on the overall look of an office. Keep it light and bright - white is ideal - and see a significant difference.

Upgrade your office furniture - If chair seats are looking a little worn and arms are wonky, it's time for an upgrade. Comfortable seating makes a big difference to productivity and your staff will definitely appreciate you for making this change. Chairs are an overall great investment as, not only do they complement the surroundings, they have a real bearing on how well your staff perform.

Use your wall space - Make an impression by decorating your walls with any awards you might have won, along with relevant certification and good press you have received. It will help to remind your staff of how good they are and the importance of their work to the company plus it will impress any visitors too.

Look after the facilities - Keep the rest rooms and kitchen areas clean and well-maintained. Replace chipped mugs for a matching set in your corporate colours and make sure basics like toilet roll and hand sanitizer are well-stocked along with the tea and coffee.

Plants and flowers - Bring the outdoors inside and notice the karma change. Not only do they look and smell nice, flowers are known to bring calm into the office environment and promote a more cheerful status quo. They also send out the message to both staff and clients that you're willing to make the effort. Longer lasting and more serviceable, the presence of plants has pretty much the same effect. They're proven to stimulate creativity and to improve the air quality, playing an active part in the health and well-being of your staff.

The above are very simple, practical tips to stay on top of the office environment and to ensure you are providing your staff with an adequate level of comfort and inspiration. Environment is proven to have an impact on levels of output so taking care of the office pays in every way.

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