Saracen's reaction to the General Election

Saracen's reaction to the General Election

So, we got there in the end. Despite the opinion polls it didn't go the way most of us expected; a lack lustre campaign period ended with major surprises on the night and a few big names have now gracefully retired from the scene.

And we're back to a one party government with the Conservatives holding the reins…

There is a degree of confidence in our industry at the moment that these results can only bolster in the immediate future. Ultimately, the country voted to continue with a strong economy and we can see the evidence of that in the cranes now encroaching upon the London skyline.

The construction industry is on the up and it promises to be a smoother and more stable journey with the economy continuing in the same vein, following the pattern it has established in recent times.

The prioritization of apprenticeships, by the new government, is a welcome bonus. The promise is three million more apprenticeships in the next five years in an attempt to address the UK's skills gap. The CBI business lobby group has welcomed this initiative with a note of caution: Employers require more control and the government needs to engage with them better to ensure that these apprenticeships really are routes to good careers.

As a business, Saracen will continue to take a measured approach to apprenticeships. The taking on of apprentices shouldn't be seen as a box-ticking exercise. We want anyone who joins Saracen to be in it for the long haul and we want to invest in an apprentice's future, not just his or her here and now.

Our industry was one of the worst hit in the recession so it's good to be able to look forward with confidence and to talk about future investment and where we go from here.

We've talked green shoots in the past but they're growing fast. Summer is on its way.

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