Small Works just keeps on getting bigger...

Small Works just keeps on getting bigger...

There's nothing small about our Small Works division. In fact it keeps on getting bigger. Launched early last year, in recognition of the importance of the lesser value projects, this division has taken on a life of its own, fuelled by smaller jobs that existing customers have passed on to us and the projects of new customers who are incentivised to approach us under this banner.

When Small Works was initially mooted I was quoted as saying "It doesn't take a recession for the dedicated contractor to embrace the 'no job is too small' philosophy." That still rings true today.

It's about giving the customer what he or she wants and, at Saracen, we have always stood as a company that seeks to empathise with and understand our customers, working in a seamless partnership to deliver the best results on time and within an agreed budget.

The key message that we've always worked to deliver on is that Small Works doesn't mean lesser quality or attention to detail. Regardless of what division our customers buy into, they are buying into the Saracen brand. We've never treated the Division as an add on but, instead, embraced it wholly, making sure it is manned by valued and experienced team players who are adept at managing the customer relationship as well as being skilled and prepped for the job in hand.

The projects range from a lick of paint to a full scale fit out. They might not carryan equal financial value to our other contracts but they are always given equal importance. In its first year of operation, the Division took approximately 12 per cent of our overall turnover, reflecting the demand there is for this service - A demand which is ongoing.

There are some companies out there with a major hangover from the recession that need to maintain and adapt what they've got in terms of office space rather than move on to something bigger. This is common sense at its best. When times are tough it's often best to sit tight and protect what you've invested to-date - particularly if there's any uncertainty resting on the size of the resource and whether it will ultimately be scaled down rather than added to.

There is always a good argument for a 'rebrightening' exercise too - freshening an office interior or the exterior of a building can work wonders and have a real impact on staff morale.

Our customers have proven happy and loyal and we are now getting a high percentage of repeat business. Thanks to these customers the Division has grown and we will look to develop the team further in the months ahead.

It's not the size of the jobs that matter at all, but our successes in this arena may well have a positive impact on the size of our team.

Mike Page


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