Startups and London's Tech City – Establishing Your Headquarters

Startups and London's Tech City – Establishing Your Headquarters

Startups and London's Tech City – Establishing Your Headquarters

London's Tech City in Shoreditch, also known as Silicon Roundabout, has attracted quite a lot of attention in recent times. This is due not only to its rising numbers of local and international tech startups, but also because of the degree of funding that's been raised by some of these increasingly prominent tech companies.

This trend has had a number of knock-on effects. Firstly, it's had the effect of making many tech startups feel a whole lot more confident about raising funds. Secondly, it's made Shoreditch and the rapidly expanding ‘Tech City area' the place to establish a tech startup. And thirdly, it's created added demand for the services of leading office refurbishment companies in London. After all, tech companies and startups are well-known for their trendy, and quite often unique and one of a kind, workplaces.

However, a rather negative knock-on effect of all these happenings, particularly the fundraising side of things, is that many startups are looking at establishing their headquarters outside of London because of rising rental rates that are expected to rise even further. Rising rents are a problem, but it must be said that there's a lot to be said for establishing a presence in the area with a branded headquarters decked out by one of the city's leading office refurbishment companies like Saracen Interiors.

  • The support that local and national governments are providing for the area in an effort to create a tech cluster similar to California's Silicon Valley.
  • The opportunity to work - usually by securing a contract - with some of the biggest companies in the world. The big names in tech who've established a presence in Tech City speak volumes about the opportunities that exist.
  • The networking opportunities begging to be capitalised upon. Most tech startups have never even dreamed of networking opportunities like those that exist in Tech City at the moment. And there will be more to take advantage of.

These benefits have fuelled the exodus of startups leaving fringe locations of London for a more central location in Shoreditch - Shoreditch is an inner city district of East London - and there are many more benefits of note that help to explain this trend.

Getting Started

It takes a lot of confidence to establish a business presence in the inner city as a tech startup, especially with the high overheads when compared to locations on the fringe of the capital. However, as you can see from the benefits listed above, there are more than a few reasons why many startups are willing to take the risks involved.

The costs involved mean that tech startups need to be very aware of their financial limitations. This means that big, flashy workspaces are out and any sort of Facebook or Google style additions - like games rooms, fireman poles and level-connecting slides - must be minimal or left out all completely. At least for the moment anyway.

Sourcing an Office Space

Naturally, the first aspect of establishing a headquarters in Tech City entails sourcing suitable office space. As a leading commercial office refurbishment company, Saracen Interiors can put you in touch with a commercial agent to source offices on your behalf, shortlist them, and negotiate favourable terms with the landlord or seller.

We select our partner agents carefully, so you can rest assured that you'll engage the right commercial agent to help you establish a presence in London's Tech City.

Designing, Building and Outfitting Your Tech City Headquarters

The design process may seem complicated at times, but because Saracen Interiors takes the same approach to workplace design and office refurbishment projects of any size, you'll benefit from an approach that has been proven to deliver real results.

Workplaces, especially trendy tech startup headquarters, should speak volumes about the company that works there, so the first thing our interior design experts will do is sit down with you to get a feel for your business and discuss your design ideas.

After that, we'll start on the design of your new workspace. If you currently have a workplace - and you're not operating out of the spare bedroom - we'll survey that to get a feel for how you're working now and get an idea of the changes that you'd like to see so that you can work smarter in the future. We'll work closely with you during this stage to ensure we reach a design concept that's perfect for your tech company.

Working to your approved office designs, the building and office refurbishment/outfit phases come next. If you're already working out of your new Tech City headquarters, we'll work on-site with minimal disruptions to your day to day work activities.

Capitalise Upon the Momentum Building in Tech City

A noticeable momentum is building in London's Tech City and hundreds of start-ups have already taken advantage of the myriad of opportunities that exist in this cluster of tech companies. If you're still far from ready to make the move to the UK's top tech gathering that's taking place in Shoreditch, don't make the mistake of rushing into something you're not prepared for. Especially taking into account the high overheads of operating in one of the UK capital's most in-demand business districts.

If you're not ready to buy/hire an office space and have Saracen Interiors, London's leading office refurbishment company, design and outfit a world-class headquarters for your tech startup, consider the following three options that may suit your needs.

  • Make the most of the co-working options that have sprung up in the area, like Google's Campus London at 4-5 Bonhill Street, Shoreditch.
  • Consider applying to a startup accelerator like Passion Capital, Seedcamp or Techstars, to help you get started.
  • Source an office in Kings Cross or a nearby area to exploit Tech City's geographical expansion across London. Google has, so why shouldn't you?

London's Tech City has so much to offer tech startups, especially when they work with a leading provider of office refurbishment services like Saracen Interiors to design, outfit and furbish their new headquarters in the trendy Shoreditch area.

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