Steps you need to take when designing your new office

Steps you need to take when designing your new office

The process of designing a new office for your company is not something you want to rush into, nor is it something you should plan to undertake unless you are 100 percent confident your organisation can handle the financial load that designing and fitting out an existing, or new, workspace involves.

The most important and pressing considerations to take into account when planning an office design include:-

Hire a commercial estate agent to source, shortlist and negotiate
As with any project, it is important to get off to a good start. It is a good idea to engage a commercial property agent to source and shortlist suitable commercial properties, then negotiate the terms, conditions and price with the landlord or seller.
There are a number of advantages to working with a commercial estate agent, including saving time and money, along with accessing a greater number of suitable properties than you would be able to had you gone about the process on your own.

Work with an interior design team right from the outset of the process
As there is so much involved in designing a new office it is essential you work with experienced commercial interior designers in London. If you are sourcing a new commercial property that you will later fit out, it will prove advantageous for you to work with an interior design team right from the outset of the process, i.e. when you begin sourcing and shortlisting prospective properties with the assistance of a commercial property agent.

This is because conducting a number of technical and design assessments helps you in selecting an office that is most suitable for the needs of your company and the office design that you have in mind. An office might look great on the surface, but you have to also take into account what lies behind the walls and in the ceiling, etc. as electrical and mechanical requirements can render an office space expensive to fit out.

There is a lot more to corporate office interior design than painting and decorating, layout and branding, because you must also consider the work that is required to make an office space functional.

Design for flexibility and the changing needs of your organisation
Whilst it is naturally important to work with office interior designers in London to design an office space that meets your company's present needs, you must also take into account the fact that the needs of your organisation will likely change over time and that means that you have to design for flexibility.

Designing for flexibility to accommodate the future needs of your company isn't as difficult as it sounds, though it can prove to be quite a challenge, one that is well-worth rising to. This could be as simple as choosing modular furniture and moveable partitions, but it could be as complicated as allowing for changes as major as a doubling of your workforce.

However, there are many benefits associated with designing for flexibility and include reducing waste, maximising expenditure, maintaining healthy staff retention levels, and many more. This is a great example of where workplace consultancy services provided by a team of innovative interior designers in London prove invaluable.

Create a clear communication plan and inform each and every stakeholder
Whether you are relocating to a new office or redesigning your current office space, it is essential a clear communication plan is created and that each and every stakeholder is informed of your company's intentions.

From entry level workers to the head of every department, everyone in your organisation should be informed of the proposed changes to the work environment. This will help to reduce the confusion, and quite often opposition, to the proposed changes that many companies experience when changes to work environments are made. You don't have to involve your employees in mapping out the changes that will take place - opinions are admittedly divided on this issue - but you should keep everyone informed regarding the office design and fit out changes that you are planning to make.

Create a workable brief with the interior design team
Chances are you have a strong understanding of your current workplace structure and systems and have a very good idea as to how you want your new office space to look. Whether you are interested in traditional or contemporary office design, you will find it advantageous to sit down with the interior design team that you have chosen to create a workable brief document that will be used as a building block for the process of designing your new office space.

If you have not already had your office assessed by the commercial office design team, this will now need to take place. As mentioned earlier, every workspace needs to be assessed in order to determine the suitability of the space for the client's plans.

After this, a full design concept can be created by the office designers, quite often using 3D images and mood boards so that you can get a really good feel for how your new office will actually look. Provided you are happy with the way your new place of business looks, they can then get started on the working drawings and technical plans which is the final phase in the design process before physical work gets underway.

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