Stressful Work Environment...?

Stressful Work Environment...?

Stressful Work Environment...?

Working in a negative atmosphere can affect all levels of your working life. It can make you less productive, less happy at work, less motivated and also can leads to you looking for a way out as soon as possible.

To help tackle these toxic, negative feelings we’ve put together a simple list of changes you can be making to improve your work environment.

Change your environment - Practical tips

A positive environment works a lot like a protective shield. It can help you to become impervious to stress, can aid you to make better decisions and also makes getting up in the morning a bit easier! Here are some ways you can enhance your positive work space:

  • Give your workspace meaning. Put an item that is important to you on your desk. This could be a photograph, ornament or postcard. Just something that reminds you of something positive.
  • De-clutter your space. Piles of paper, note pads and stationary can not only make your desk disorganised but also your head. Clear, organised workspace - clear, organised mind.
  • Invest in one or two office plants. They can help improve air quality as well as relaxing you and simply looking good!
  • Make sure you’re comfortable. If your chair is unsuitable for being sat in for 8 hours or your computer screen is at the wrong angle it can lead to a lot of issues. From back pain, headaches and lack of concentration being uncomfortable can be a serious issue.

Change your routine - General tips

By making some minor lifestyle changes you can alter your productivity and positivity. None of the following tips are particularly difficult to stick to and should allow for maximum improvement in your work environment.

  • Get to work a little earlier. Allowing a window of time where you can get a hot drink, wish your workmates good morning and be set up at your desk before your starting time will set you up for a more relaxed morning. If you work from home you can just give yourself a few minutes before you get stuck into the day’s work.
  • Cut out Caffeine. Whilst caffeine has been widely regarded as the best pick me up, it also contributes to high blood pressure which can increase stress levels.
  • Give your senses a break periodically. Staring at a screen for hours can be very damaging to your eyes and can make you feel lethargic. Break up the hours immersed in your computer screen with a few minutes looking out of the window or off getting a glass of water.
  • Fit in some physical activity. If you work from home why not break the day up with a trip to the gym before lunch? If you’re in an office it might be a little tricky but try to fit in a short walk around the block. You can also do some yoga or pilates before you start work to make sure your body has had some activity.
  • Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You might not feel thirsty whilst you’re sitting at your desk but by keeping yourself hydrated you can keep yourself energized, positive and keep your brain at full capacity.

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