Tackling the Monday BLUES...

Tackling the Monday BLUES...

If you work in a 9-5 environment chances are you’re familiar with the Monday blues. Whilst we won’t pretend we can completely alleviate the feeling completely, these techniques should help ease the gloomy feeling of a new working week.

  1. Use Sunday night to prepare yourself

Use a bit of time on Sunday evening just to get yourself ready for the coming week. Go over your to do list and try to create a timetable for some of the week ahead. When you have a properly planned list, you feel you are more in control and hence feel less of the Monday Blues. Being prepared a day before is surely a good way of dealing with Monday Blues.

  1. Get some fresh air

The prospect of sitting in an office for the next 5 days might be a big factor in your Monday blues. Whenever you can, get some fresh air and some vitamin D. There has been research that shows sunlight stimulates our feel good hormones and it helps deal with the blues – Monday Blues or otherwise.

  1. Avoid a lie-in

Saturday and Sunday might have been filled with lovely late mornings but Monday is here now and we need to brush off the apathy and get our productivity heads on. Try your best not to depend on the snooze button. The last thing you want is to start the week with a rushed, stressed out morning. We all know what happens when we rush. We might skip breakfast, have small mishaps and before you know it, your whole week has been tainted.

Whilst this all feels like it’s part of the Monday Blues, it can be solved by simply being a bit less lazy. By getting out of bed a bit early, eating a good breakfast, having a bit of extra time in the shower and having time to check you haven’t forgotten any important documents before you leave will make a big difference to your day.

  1. Have a proper breakfast

This follows on from the last point. By starting early you allow yourself time to make a good breakfast or if that’s not your thing you can grab one on the way to work.

Some people will say that they can’t handle breakfast, or they prefer not to eat in the mornings. This might seem fine for you, but it will mean your brain is running on empty for the first part of the day and may also lead to bad decisions at lunch. A stomach with fuel for the day sure helps in dealing with Monday Blues.

  1. Look forward to good things!

There are plenty of good things going on at work if you let yourself see them. Perhaps you enjoy the project you’re working on currently. Perhaps you enjoy the company of your colleagues. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a potential of a promotion in the future or you are really inspired by your boss. These might all seem like quite small things but when a case of Monday morning blues hits you they could be enough to keep you going!


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