Team Effort - Saracen enters Tough Mudder 2016!

Team Effort - Saracen enters Tough Mudder 2016!

Team Effort - Saracen enters Tough Mudder 2016!

We’re preparing to get down and dirty…

Oh yes !

On September 24th, Saracen is sending an eight man (and woman) team to struggle through 12 miles of mud and obstacles, testing their perseverance levels, stamina and basic true grit.

Representatives from almost every department are joining me on this one (Petra, Georgina, Jordan, Heather, Alex, Derek and Manuela) are undertaking the London South Tough Mudder which will take place at Holmbush Farm in Faygate, West Sussex in approximately two weeks…

Engaging with these challenges as a group certainly promotes a real team atmosphere and the run up to this event has been a lot of fun.

Preparations are now well underway and team spirits are currently running high. We have had some good training sessions with a few group runs, gym sessions and boot camps and of course helping each other maintain a reasonable eating plan!

The main driver of this initiative has been the desire to raise funds for our regular charity of choice, Naomi House & Jacksplace. Hospices based in Winchester, for children and young adults, Naomi House & Jacksplace provide a huge support for those with serious medical conditions, who are unlikely to live to adulthood, and their families, offering much needed help and sanctuary.

All the staff that work at these two hospices are beyond amazing and we’re glad to offer them any help with funding that we can.

As mentioned, it’s a real team effort this time, so please do dig deep, click here to access the Virgin moneygiving page, which has been set up to accept your donations, and give your support for team Saracen.



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