Testing the links in the chain

Testing the links in the chain

The quality of the services that you provide, along with your performance and your delivery, firmly rests on your supply chain. You are only ever as strong as the chain's weakest link and that's why most businesses, who lead in their individual fields, take the management of the supply chain so seriously and subject it to regular and rigorous checks and processes.

At Saracen Interiors we place a high value on our supply chain as Joint managing director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page comments "To get great results, you need good people. We place a high value on our supply chain and have worked hard to develop long-term relationships with a select group of companies who act as an extension of our team and standard bearers for our brand"

There's a huge positive that comes with budget cuts and the need for financial restraint when times are tough.  As we're called to action and made to review how we spend our budgets, we also get to take a calculated look at the relationships that we have built to-date.

One single benefit of the last recession was that the act of collectively tightening our belts gave us an excuse to take stock and review our supply chains, presenting us with a key opportunity to take measures to improve the way we do business.

For some, reviewing the supply chain presents a prime opportunity to readdress key issues like sustainability which we may be under pressure from investors, stakeholders and customers to increase the focus on.

The business case for supply chain sustainability is a constant presence. There's a high expectation resting on our industry when it comes to driving sustainability through the supply chain and we have to do more than pay lip service to this issue.

Shaking up the supply chain and reviewing the practices of our suppliers is an effective way to drive change and address the issue. It not only allows companies to set out hard and fast sustainability ground rules for all suppliers but it also gives them the chance to implement them in the most cost-effective manner.

Testing the links in the supply chain is a good way of refreshing all relationships - including the ones with key clients. Your clients and the end users are all, ultimately, your supply chain's customers too and their needs must come first. Just as the issue of sustainability is driven in part by the customer's sense of what is best and most appropriate, so are the most critical issues of quality and usability. The supply chain must be providing to the highest standard to meet the requirements of the customer. Good supply chain management adds up to good customer management in the long-term.

Ultimately, it's all about one team. The significance of the team, and the relationships that stem from it, is the bedrock of Saracen. We have always viewed our supply chain as an extension of our team and, as such, we will regularly review it, nurture it and call it to account to ensure that we all remain, as one, in pole position. Building these relationships is key and a large part of the Saracen DNA.

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