The essence of good office seating

The essence of good office seating

You wouldn't settle down to watch a favourite television programme on an uncomfortable chair or sofa, nor would you read a book sitting awkwardly when you're trying to relax… So why spend the bulk of your day in the office sitting uncomfortably?

It makes no sense to spend the lion's share of your working day sitting on an uncomfy chair. If nothing else, it will have an immediate and constant effect on the quality of your work and your productivity, not to mention the possibility of a long-term effect on your health.

In an age where wellbeing is a hot topic and an issue to be considered by individuals and employers alike, the quality of your seat should be close to the top of your list of work priorities - after all, you could be spending an average of seven or eight hours a day sitting on it.

At Saracen, we're all about promoting wellbeing and, when it comes to office furniture, we reserve our best advice for the selection of the humble chair….

Firstly, know that sitting in a chair that has not been adjusted to the individual can have a detrimental effect on body, mood and wellbeing. Working days lost to ailments such as back pain, neck strain etc are on the increase so all chairs should be adjustable to allow for the appropriate levels of comfort and support. Ideally, chairs should provide lower back support and promote good posture, with adjustability to be considered for seat height, back rest, arm rests and lumbar support.

Workers can feel more stressed and irritable if they are not sitting in optimum comfort. It is proven that we all feel more relaxed when seated in a good quality, ergonomic, office chair.

If it's your role to buy the office furniture or you are opening a new office and are in desperate need of all the appendages, don't make cost your main concern when it comes to the chairs.

Consider the finish of the chair. Leather oozes quality and distinction and provides optimum comfort but isn't great for extra long days - particularly in summer. Leather-faced can provide a great alternative, for a fraction of the price, but it is certainly not as durable in the long-term.

A fabric chair with a good quality weave will provide the same comfort as leather for a fraction of the price, while lasting the distance. If choosing fabric, you can also take the opportunity to complement a colour scheme or to promote corporate colours and branding.

Finally, a chair's weight and mobility should also be considered. Being able to easily lift it and move it are key issues in a busy office environment. Most workers tend to 'adopt' a good chair and like to move it around with them when working at a colleague's desk or hotdesking.

Oh and make sure your chair comes with a warranty. Even the best are subject to faults and failings so make sure you cover all eventualities. After all, if you get good seats, you'll hopefully get good staff using them for some time to come.

Saracen's One Minute Guide 'Are you sitting comfortably?' explains in clear and easy terms the meaning of all the technical terms associated with purchasing office chairs. The guide can be downloaded from our website.

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