Top reasons for using a commercial property agent

Top reasons for using a commercial property agent

Commercial estate agents help their clients to source, narrow down and negotiate the terms on commercial properties. In recent years, as budget and cost considerations play a greater role in the concerns and priorities of business organisations around the globe, the services provided by commercial estate agents in Central London and other business and finance hubs of global importance are in greater demand than ever before.

With so many commercial properties to take into consideration, the process of sourcing and shortlisting suitable properties can prove to be very time consuming indeed. However, time considerations are just one of many that you need to take into account when sourcing a suitable commercial space as there is more to the services of a commercial agent in London than saving you time which can be put to better use.

Here are some of the top reasons for using a commercial agent to assist your company in sourcing a suitable commercial property in the City of London.

Greater access to commercial property listings
Unlike the residential property market, which is rather straightforward in comparison, commercial property is not as easily sourced because it is usually available on several different listing platforms, not all of which are generally accessible to the public.

By working with a commercial estate agent in London you will find you have access to a far greater number of commercial property listings which increases the number of prospective commercial properties that your business organisation has to select from.

This lack of centralisation in the commercial property market means many companies miss out on offices and commercial properties that may have proven to be perfect for their needs. Additionally, it also means they are more likely to find themselves in a position in which they need to allocate a greater percentage of their fiscal resources to office fit outs and refurbishments in order to make the commercial spaces they hire or purchase better suited to their specific business needs.

Along with access to the commercial property listing platforms that most business managers lack access to, commercial estate agents are constantly networking and building a portfolio of contacts within the industry further increasing the number of commercial properties they can access on behalf of their clients, in many cases, before they have even been listed.

Additionally, by networking and building a portfolio of business contacts, commercial agents in London are often privy to information which helps them to understand the advantages, or disadvantages, of a particular commercial property. A good example of this would be insider knowledge of planned zoning regulations that could affect, for better or worse, commercial properties in a particular area.

Knowledge of the commercial property market
Commercial estate agents in London have an in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the property market in this global business and finance hub that makes many business managers look like newcomers to the city. After all, it is their job to know the commercial property market in London like the back of their hand and their reputation, success and prosperity is heavily dependent upon their comprehensive knowledge of the market.

A savvy commercial agent is constantly carrying out market research and analysis, both in the field and in the office. It is this research and analysis that empowers them to advise their clients on, for instance, the latest market trends, the suitability and/or advantages of this particular office space or business district for their specific business needs, and even what they can expect to see in the near future regarding rises or falls in property prices and rental fees.

A great number of the commercial estate agents operating in London specialise in specific property types and markets, for example, office space or retail properties. This further empowers them to provide their clients with informed professional advice that in turn empowers their clients to access the most suitable commercial properties for their business needs and objectives.

Furthermore, they can also advise you and the other stakeholders in your company on a variety of relevant issues, including the different types of commercial leases, the terms and conditions that affect these leases and their suitability for your company, the alterations you have planned for the commercial space and how this could affect your lease, signage, sublease clauses, and other issues that are relevant to commercial property.

The opportunity to save both time and money
Sourcing a commercial property, especially in a major city like London, is a time consuming endeavour that, rather unsurprisingly, many business managers lack the time for. London commercial estate agents can therefore save their clients time which can be better spent focusing on more pressing business affairs, which in turn empowers them to save money.

There are, however, a myriad of additional ways in which commercial estate agents can assist your company in saving money, most notably working with an interior design and office fit out firm right from the commencement of the process rather than involving them later on at the fit out stage.

This helps to avoid inflated fit out costs by assessing shortlisted commercial properties with regard to functionality - think of how much money could be saved by avoiding excessive air conditioning, electrical and mechanical installations - and design considerations, ensuring the property will work in a practical sense, successfully enhance your business profile, and meet the constantly changing and evolving needs of your company and its workforce.

Saracen Interiors works with some of the most successful commercial property agents in London and around the country. We can liaise with these property experts on behalf of your company to save you time and money and ensuring the commercial property you hire or purchase is the most suitable for the specific needs and objectives of your company.

With 30 years experience designing and fitting out commercial properties for clients in a variety of industries and sectors, Saracen is perfectly positioned to assist your company in identifying the ideal commercial space in the City of London.

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