Top tips for office churn

Top tips for office churn

Do you need to accommodate more staff with no extra space or do you simply fancy a move around to keep things fresh in the office?

The following tips will give you some pointers as to what might be worth considering - particularly if there is no budget for a more ambitious refurbishment.

  1. Desk size - smaller desks take up less space leaving room for more
  2. Mobile under desk pedestal - use mobile desk pedestals that can be stored under desks rather than at the side of them. This will also encourage paperless systems and help to reduce the carbon footprint
  3. Taller cupboards - building your storage up not across to free up more space
  4. Lower screens - lower the screens between desks to automatically open spaces
  5. Decorate - brighten up the office with a lick of paint
  6. Replace ceiling tiles - a quick and easy way to freshen the office
  7. Better lighting - a sure way to give the impression of more space
  8. New carpets - an immediate improvement at a relatively low cost
  9. Use of glass - factor in glass for any refurbishment plans for the mirror effect, to make the office appear much lighter

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