Top tips to follow when opening a new office

Top tips to follow when opening a new office

Setting up a new office can be a daunting prospect - you'll need to find the right location, choose whether to lease or buy, ensure it has all the necessary facilities and ultimately design your new workspace. Like most things in life, though, careful planning is crucial as opening a new office can be time-consuming, stressful and laden with hidden disasters if not approached in the correct way. Here at Saracen Interiors, we have many years' experience when it comes to opening new workspaces, so to help you we have come up with five simple tips to ensure your new office will thrive and prosper:-

Tip 1 - Choose the right space
First things first, you'll need to make sure your office is both in the right location and large enough for your growing business. Is it a safe area? Is it easily accessible for clients and employees? As well as being big enough to carry out day-to-day operations, it also needs to be small enough to keep your running costs to a minimum. Consider how much space you need to grow your business in this office, so you don't have to immediately up-sticks and move again if your company expands. Ask yourself the following questions:

- How many employees will I be hiring?
- Will I be inviting clients to my new premises? If so, is there a reception area?
- Are there any private meeting rooms?
- Do I need parking spaces?
- How many telecommunication cables and power outlets will I need?

Tip 2 - Furnishings and equipment
A company's office plays a huge role in shaping its culture. Décor and equipment can influence mood and productivity plus the floor plan can contribute to the flow of energy and ideas - so this is something that needs to be very carefully considered. A physical environment can make or break your workforce - recent studies reveal 41% of people think the design and layout of a workspace would affect their decision to accept a job and 51% claimed it would impact their decision to leave one.

The furniture you choose will need to fit comfortably within your office space and will need to be good quality as well as stylish. Office specialists, like Saracen, can create interior office solutions to fit your space, style and budget. As well as obvious items such as desks, chairs and filing cabinets, you should also think about client seating, bookcases and overhead lighting.

Tip 3 - Communications
In the modern business world, high-speed internet connection is vital, particularly if you are conducting the majority of your interactions online and are sending or uploading large files between your office and remote workers. This should, therefore, be planned very early in the moving process. Backing up your data to the cloud will also be easier with fast connection to the net. Of course, your business will also need a phone line as you may require numerous phones or mobiles or even a multiple-line phone.

Tip 4 - Layout
Now that you've decided where your office will be located and the theme of the décor, it's time to start thinking about layout. When discussing office space, the debate on whether to go 'open plan' or not is bound to come up. While some research suggests that open plan offices curb motivation and lead to distraction, others claim that openness encourages communication and collaboration. We only have to look at Facebook's open office environment to see the success an open plan office can bring. Sometimes, an open plan environment can foster teamwork, which boosts productivity as a result. Being face-to-face with other employees reduces the need to go back and forth with emails or meetings, allowing things to get done faster. In addition, no employee will ever feel left out or alienated; every team member is on the same page, so misunderstandings or miscommunications are significantly reduced.

Of course, for some companies - especially those dealing with a lot of sensitive data and private documents -separate offices might be the better option. Talk to business owners or employees from companies similar to yours and ask them which office environment works best for them.

Tip 5 - Packing up and moving
When it comes to the big 'moving day' into your new office, don't think you will be able to undertake this alone! You are too important to your business to do it yourself - just imagine if you (or your employees, for that matter) put your back out while lifting heavy office items. Choose Saracen to help with every process of your office move. Our move management division will remove a lot of the hassle and stress from the process, helping with everything from moving equipment to assembling furniture. We will ensure the whole process is carried out quickly (outside of usual business hours, if necessary) to make sure the entire project goes by with minimal disturbances.

Don't forget to forward calls from your old office and publish new address notifications to your contacts. Finally, crack open the Champagne, settle into your brand new office and enjoy!

For further comprehensive and practical advice please download a flipbook version of 'Finding Your Perfect Space' - our One Minute Guide for anyone considering an office move or relocation.

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