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Trending tomorrow…

Trending tomorrow…

The physical aspect of the commercial world – bricks, mortar, interiors etc - constantly reinvents itself and explores new boundaries. In the current climate of competition, when it comes to recruitment and retention, those who want to cultivate an environment that is both challenging and inclusive; forward thinking and nurturing; and bold and insightful, must stay one step ahead and be open to the more radical suggestions and solutions that could elevate the working world of the future.

What’s for certain is that if we don’t keep an open mind and a watchful eye, we are likely to miss out on key trends that, may now seem radical but, could well prove populist tomorrow. Although we may baulk at being early adopters, no-one wants to be left behind.

First up in our changing world is teleconferencing. This method of communication has certainly revolutionized the way in which meetings are held and has impacted on the way we do business. Teleconferencing allows us to be more inclusive and flexible. Dates and times can change to suit and there is no limit to how many can be involved in the call. It’s also far more cost-effective than actual meetings, cutting out a lot of time and travel.

No surprise then that more and more companies are investing in the latest teleconferencing technology in order to keep in touch with clients and associates in other offices and, indeed, in other parts of the country and the world.

We’ve come a long way since the days of a couple of bodies huddled around the phone in the conference room. Although this standard option is still the norm there are better, more inclusive, ways to participate in teleconferencing; ways that make all parties feel that they are sitting down together in the same room.

The holistic conference experience is achieved with the use of half tables which can be set against screens to encourage attendees to feel as if they are all sitting at one big, virtual desk. A lot of planning has to be made in order to execute the concept competently: the atmosphere and décor have to be as one and the ventilation and air conditioning have to be right, for a start.

What is being presented here is a virtual get together. Who knows, further down the line, we may well enjoy 3D meeting rooms, which will then complete the united, personal, business experience in its entirety. For now, however, it’s just nice to feel like we’re all in the same room.

Technology is definitely bringing us closer to each other and making the virtual into something very real and accessible. It’s also enabling us to be more creative and to have some fun.

One of the tools we’ve witnessed in the high end residential market, and that we have brought to the table for commercial clients looking for something dramatic and bold, that will provide a focal point, is the changing backdrop. By using projected images, we can immediately update décor. We can change wall colours and images, at a whim, to fit every occasion, provide subliminal brand messages and to affect the overall mood.

This is all still relatively new but it’s quite an inspirational mix and makes today’s modern offices pretty exciting places to be. Our job is to help our clients explore the various design options to see what works best for them.

Our goal, today and tomorrow, remains to motivate and inspire.



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