Unsuitable Premises: Could They Offer Your Firm Financial Salvation?

Unsuitable Premises: Could They Offer Your Firm Financial Salvation?

Unsuitable Premises: Could They Offer Your Firm Financial Salvation?

Conventional wisdom dictates that when searching for commercial premises, you find a building that is as close to perfect already, to minimise the cost of any renovations you may need to carry out before occupying the building in question. However, what if your company is looking at dramatic ways to slash running costs in order to stay afloat? If you are happy to consider any course of action that will result in a significant reduction in operational costs, could a clearly unsuitable commercial property be the answer to your prayers?

Before we continue with this train of thought, we wish to make one thing clear. For companies with a solid financial foundation, which are not in a position where unconventional measures need to be considered in order to increase the chances of corporate survival, we do not recommend this approach. On the other hand, if the kind of cost reductions you could make by moving to less desirable premises may end up saving your company from extinction, this is a course of action that is worthy of serious consideration.

What You Need to Succeed: Transforming Unsuitable Business Premises

If you are to succeed in your plan to take over undesirable business premises and transform them into something usable, without spending a fortune in the process, you will need to use every weapon at your disposal.

  1. A Professional Office Refurbishment Company

    There are many firms that specialise in the transformation of commercial interiors and exteriors, and you will need the services of one of the best teams in the business if your plan is to have any chance of succeeding. Of all the commercial fit out companies in the UK, Saracen Interiors is one of the most experienced and has a record of achievement that is second to none. It is this type of firm that you will need to have on your side if you want to make sure that your new premises will be fit for purpose by the time you are ready to move in your workforce. A firm that can not only transform the property in question but that can also manage the entire project from start to finish will be ideal. Such a firm will be able to keep a close eye on costs and ensure they do not spiral out of control.

  2. A Flexible and Committed Workforce

    The second weapon you will need is a workforce that is comprised of individuals who are ready and willing to join the battle for the survival of your company and to help out in any way they can. When moving into premises that are radically different to those your company currently occupies, you will be able to save money on relocation / renovation costs if your employees are willing to work around any obstacles that are too expensive to remove. If, for instance, it would require a major remodelling in order to transform the interior of the new building into something that closely resembles your existing workspace, you may find that changing the way your company functions internally is the less expensive and more practical option to pursue.
  3. A Board of Directors with Real Vision

    Some of your workforce may be willing to pitch in and some may not. If you are able to hold on to all the key players, you can perhaps afford to lose a few foot soldiers in the move. However, one thing you absolutely must have, if you are to be able to achieve your goal, is the complete and unreserved support of your board of directors. You will need to be able to convince every one of the company directors that the unsuitable premises they see before them can in fact be transformed by a team of commercial fit out specialists such as ourselves, at a reasonable cost, and made suitable for occupation by your workforce. Much will depend on your ability to sell the idea, along with the ability of your chosen fit out team to do the same, but unless you are pitching the idea to a board with real vision, you may still fall at this particular hurdle.
  4. Faith in Your Refurbishment Team.

    To see the project through to a successful conclusion, you will need to have absolute faith in the team you choose to manage it for you. If at any stage of the project, you should start to lose faith in the ability of the contractors you hire to deliver on their promises, you will find it virtually impossible to overcome any problems that you encounter along the way and to maintain the support of your board throughout the whole process. For this reason, you should spend as much time as you need to evaluate the various contractors with whom you meet.  Ask for any information you need to convince yourself that you are making the right choice and refuse to commit until you are 100% satisfied that you have covered every angle and that the team you are choosing can truly do what it says it can.

Beating the Odds

Even with all of the above working in your favour, you will need a generous slice of luck to see your project through to a successful conclusion. There is also one last essential piece of the puzzle, without which the whole enterprise will be doomed to failure: your absolute and unwavering commitment to achieving your goal. The transformation of unsuitable commercial premises into a workspace from which you can run your company will not be an easy task but if you can win out, you may be able to slash your costs by enough to avoid closure, enough to live to fight another day.

If you are not looking at a worst-case scenario but are still interested in saving money by moving to what other firms may initially consider as undesirable premises, we would be delighted to help you find such a building and transform it into your new corporate headquarters.

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