Ways to increase creativity at the office

Ways to increase creativity at the office

Often, creativity is what leads to big breakthroughs for London companies. However, an improperly designed workspace can be quite uninspiring and lead to lags in productivity. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that almost every business can do to make their office more conducive to creative thought.

One way to increase creativity at work is to make sure your workplace stays connected to nature. This doesn't necessarily require a complete overhaul by an office fit out company. Just positioning your desk in a way that allows you to look at some greenery through a window or even keeping plants in your office is a good way to achieve this. Studies have shown that natural sunlight and plants help keep workers healthy and assist with boosting productivity and creativity.

Play has also been proven to be an integral part of the creative process as it allows minds to relax. Usually, this will help to spark new ideas. Therefore, if you want your employees to become more creative, you should make sure your office encourages fun. Hang a dart board, bring in a video game system or invest in a football table to break up the monotony of the working day and keep brains fresh.

Different colours have been shown to produce different results on the human psyche with yellow inspiring creativity the best. Even if you don't want to change the colour of your whole office, try to add a few hints of yellow throughout. If you aren't quite sure how to go about accomplishing this, Saracen are the office fit out company in London that can assist you.

People are generally more creative when they are relaxed. Unfortunately, many London offices are designed to keep people from getting too comfortable. To avoid this mistake, hang some artwork which can calm your workforce and use furniture that is made from natural materials. In addition, position desks so they face doors - humans are predisposed to protect their backs. If you have to constantly think about someone entering a room from behind you, you will never be able to fully relax and get creative.

Another issue that can limit an office's affect on creativity is clutter. Clutter can make even a space that was professionally designed by an office fit out company difficult to work in. Make sure your office contains proper storage facilities and all waste ends up in the bin!

Just by making some small changes to your current office could have a big impact on your creativity. However, a total office fit out could completely change the way your company works. If you aren't quite experiencing the type of creativity and productivity at your workplace that you would like to, then you should consider making some changes in the near future. You may even want to contact one of the many fit out companies in London for some professional help. With a little time and effort, you will find yourself working more creatively than ever before.

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