What’s happening in Yorkshire

What’s happening in Yorkshire

With Emma Allison, our new northern operations manager firmly on board, we’ve renewed our efforts to get to grips with what’s happening in the Northern regions – particularly as we have a number of projects live in both Yorkshire and the North West.

It’s an exciting time for the area, as the level of investment continues to rise, and we’re keen to concentrate our focus on forging new contacts as well as developing the business leads we have.

As Saracen has previously established good relations with Yorkshire Business Insider, the region’s key media resource for businesses, its ‘Invest In Yorkshire’ business breakfast seemed as good a place as any for Emma to put in an appearance...

Taking place at Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa in Leeds last week, the event offered the opportunity to get the lowdown on how the Northern Powerhouse might deliver for businesses with a foothold in the North.

Speakers included Kevin McCabe, the founder of Scarborough Group International, Paul Marsh from Regeneration and Investment Organisation, Mark O’ Reilly, the CEO of Team Humber Marine Alliance and representatives of DAC Beachcroft LLP and HLW Keeble Hawson and Sheffield City Region LEP.

There was much talk about how the North can present itself as a viable proposition for foreign investment, with a certain amount of discourse reserved for the topic of energy production and the impact of investment from countries such as China on the large sustainable industries.

The event, as usual, presented a useful and valid networking opportunity which was complemented by Emma’s attendance in the same week at the ThinkBIM Spring Conference at WSP’s offices in Leeds.

As of 4th April, all Government projects over a certain value will have to be delivered using BIM principles. We are fast reaching a point where business will be restricted for those companies who don’t use BIM, regardless of whether they are operating in the public or private sector, and so its vital that we keep this topic on the agenda.

This latest gathering, for the Yorkshire and Humberside contingent, carried the theme ‘What Good BIM Looks like’. For Emma, this was a chance to mingle with like-minded people and to take further note of the advantages that BIM provides before feeding back to the rest of the team.

With a full diary, it’s a busy time for all our people based in the northern regions – but then quiet isn’t really the Saracen way !

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